Condensed Matter Physics Pitches In To Help Quantum Gravity

Relativity says that spacetime is smooth, and only big things can warp it, in ways that are exactly...

It's A Bubble, Jim, But Not As We Know It

SensaBubble is a chrono-sensory mid-air display system that generates scented bubbles to deliver...

Male Or Female? 180 Million Years Ago, It Was Less Clear

Man or woman? Male or female? Modern sociological woo about gender aside, in humans and other...

Citizen Scientists Match Research Tool When Counting Sharks

Shark data collected by citizen scientists may be as reliable as data collected using automated...

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The confirmation of the Higgs boson and what it can tell us about the origins of mass is getting all of the attention but there are scientific mysteries about less-understood forces that may also be keys to figuring out natural laws.

Among these is quantum turbulence, the chaotic motion - at very high rates - of fluids that exist at temperatures close to zero. Observers as far back as Leonardo da Vinci have studied turbulence, a complex state of fluid motion. He observed that water falling into a pond creates eddies of motion, thus realizing that the motion of water shaped the landscape.

Why is Edward Snowden a villain to some people while the same people regard Bradley Manning as a hero? Why do so many people say they never thought it could happen if someone they know commits a crime? When is an atrocity not remembered that way at all? An in-group portrayal may make the difference.

Preliminary results of a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial on osteoarthritis of the knee using ActiPatch Therapy have been announced.

BioElectronics Corporation says the initial interim analysis showed statistically significant results for the primary and secondary outcomes measures. The study is being led by Doctor Gianluca Bagnato, Division of Rheumatology, University Hospital Gaetano Martino, Messina, Italy. The final analysis of the full study data set will be carried out soon and the results have been accepted in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases and presented at the European League against Rheumatism 2014 conference.

In high school and college, your coach told you to avoid alcohol. And for good reason; alcohol saps muscle strength and it's lingering lethargic effects aren't welcome either.

The lack of muscle strength really becomes evident when studying long-time alcoholics but it is also evidence in patients with mitochondrial disease.  A new study on mitochondria that are unable to self-repair may mean a new way to diagnose mitochondrial disease, and a new drug target. 

We know that around 12,000 years ago, a fundamental thing began to happen all around the world - plants were cultivated and animals were domesticated for transport, food and fiber. 

The ability to program living holds tremendous potential for energy, agriculture, water remediation and medicine, and synthetic biology is on the case.

Researchers have already designed a 'tool box' of small genetic components that act as intracellular switches, logic gates, counters and oscillators but wiring those components together to form larger circuits that can function as 'genetic programs' has been difficult, because of the small number of available wires.