New Life For First-Line Antibiotics

Researchers have identified a single, simple metric to guide antibiotic dosing that could bring...

Abuse-Deterrent OxyContin Led To Fewer Overdoses

The introduction of abuse-deterrent OxyContin, coupled with the removal of propoxyphene from the...

Household Pets Can Transmit Infections To People

Household pets can transmit infection to people, especially those with weak immune systems, young...

Breast Milk Protects Against Necrotizing Enterocolitis In Preemies

The immune-boosting properties of breast milk have long been known and experiments in mice are...

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Some studies find that the immune system, which protects our bodies from foreign invaders, plays a part in Alzheimer's disease, though the actual role of immunity in the disease is a mystery.

A new Duke University study in mice suggests that in Alzheimer's disease, certain immune cells that normally protect the brain begin to abnormally consume an important nutrient: arginine. Blocking this process with a small-molecule drug prevented the characteristic brain plaques and memory loss in a mouse model of the disease.

Many newborns are exposed in their earliest days to bisphenol A (BPA) and lots of other chemicals, the world is all chemical, but BPA has been the subject of more scrutiny than most because it is ubiquitous. Due to that, environmental advocacy studies have claimed there is probably risk to adults and newborns, while more neutral science says that it is detectable but not harmful.

If you have hepatitis B or C and feel like you are treated poorly by others due to it, you are not alone. As many as half of people infected with viral hepatitis say they have suffered discrimination and one-quarter admit that family members have avoided physical contact with them after finding out they had the infection. 

What makes triple negative breast cancer more lethal in African-American women than European-American ("White") women? A new study reveals specific genetic alterations that appears to impact their prognosis and ultimately survival rates.