Racial Disparities In Shootings - It's Easier To Shoot White People

Given the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and the highly charged claims of racism, it is no...

E. Coli Strain Responsible For Food Poisoning Gets Its Genome Sequenced

A strain of E. coli that is a common cause of outbreaks of food poisoning in the United States...

Corals: Not So Passive, They Are Nature's Tiny Engineers

Corals, whose calcium-carbonate skeletons form the foundation of coral reefs, are passive organisms...

Generating Energy From Coffee Wastewater

A four-year project on coffee wastewater treatment, The Energy from Coffee Wastewater project by...

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More than 15 million miles of new roads will be built worldwide by 2050, pushing back the frontiers of progress. Of course, progress may mean a loss of wilderness if it is not managed carefully, and authors have created a ‘global roadmap’ for prioritizing road building across the planet, to try to balance the competing demands of development and environmental protection.
Even for experienced readers, mirror-image letters like b/d or p/q can be confusing. Why is it difficult for some to differentiate these letters? 
Are you in the target market to eat insects? The easiest uptake will be by a young male who claims to care more about the environment, believes they are progressive and adventurous about food, and already doesn't care about meat. 

Matching those criteria, the likelihood that this type of person is willing to eat insects as a meat substitute is estimated more than 75%, according to a new paper published in Food Quality and Preference.

Glass is ideal for applications that require resistance to thermal shock or to chemically harsh environments and manufacturers commonly use additives such as boron oxide to tweak its properties by changing the atomic structure of glass.