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    By Tommaso Dorigo | October 16th 2012 08:46 AM | 6 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    One of the results of the conference "ComunicareFisica 2012" I attended last week (and about which I wrote extensively in the past few posts) was, for me, getting convinced that Twitter cannot really be ignored. I have subscribed long ago and never really used it much, but now I am going to be more careful with that medium. I intend to tweet there news on HEP as well as other things I find interesting. I promise it will be a high signal-to-noise channel.

    So this post is just to say that you are all welcome to follow me on twitter at @dorigo. See you there!

    As for Facebook: I am also there, of course (search for my name if you want to). I am however not usually accepting friendship from anybody, so be sure to write something in your friend request. Prerequisite for strangers is to have commented on this blog at least once or twice!


     I promise it will be a high signal-to-noise channel.
    That's the challenge with such a medium. All Twitter users should make that promise with a hand on the bible. :)

    Time to resume this old classic:

    Looks like image embedding doesn't really work.

    An interesting idea. There is also a twitter account dedicated to news from the lhc accelerator, from
    Elwell I think.

    I have one point to raise: I think you should set clear in your mind the purpose of the twitter: you seem to be declaring implicitly that it will be a different thing from the blog, but as to now it is mainly just a feed for the blog with some unrelated tweets in Italian.

    Even though a great component of twitter is link sharing, I think you can make better than reducing the tweets to a blog feed. There are rss readers for feeds :-)

    And you could benefit from some url shortener, although I can understand the choice of not using it.


    I use the (old - v0.38) Tweetdeck, because it shortens links automatically and lets me update multiple places (Facebook, LinkedIn) at the same time. I use it to comment on things I won't write about directly, or sports and whatever. 
    Hi Pietro,

    of course I tweet links to my blog, but I don't plan to just do that.