Introducing Life-Dialogues
    By Jennifer Wong | May 23rd 2012 03:22 PM | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    My column covers the latest primary research discoveries in the life-science discipline. Much of what is reported here are considered discoveries...

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    I have recently created a blog-site called Life-Dialogues that covers the latest topics in neuroscience, stem cell biology, cancer and molecular biology. 
    So- if you were wondering where all my contents went- you can find my recent contents at To hear about my recent articles, you can also join the lifedialogues group on Facebook or follow me at twitter@lifedialogues.

    Science2.0 is after-all the place where I published my earlier blogs, so I would still like to share my contents with the community here. I have decided to post a few of my most-read contents here for your reading pleasure. Stay tuned!