Coffee Addiction: Four A Day - Enemas, That Is
    By Hank Campbell | February 10th 2013 02:22 PM | 18 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    You might be a crackpot if you won't drink coffee because it is bad for your health, yet you are shoving it in your rectum multiple times per day. 

    "My Strange Addiction" on TLC this week has a story about a Florida couple who each have at least 100 coffee enemas per month, and totaling 6,000 in the last two years.

    How can they pull it off?  Vacations are clearly out of the question, since it involves a 32-ounce
    container full of coffee each time. Sorry, New York City residents, Mayor Bloomberg says you can't buy anything that big to put beverages in, you have to be protected from yourself - though in this instance, he would be right. Some relaxing music following by lubrication and then the whole thing is just another simple seduction.

    The weirdest part?  While they will administer the caffeine directly into their intestines because they like the "euphoria",  they won't drink any caffeinated beverages - bad for their health, they say. The baffling part is they don't realize the caffeine is what is making them happy, not the enema. But they would be better off drinking it. Any liquid you put up there is going to make things come out but coffee that many times per day with no digestion is sure to cause some irritable bowels.

    TLC's crappy website is showing errors on all its 'My Little Addiction' video clips so I can't delight you with the one of the woman who cleans her cat - with her tongue.   But Good Morning America/ABC News has video of the coffee enema lady's...process.  Good thing her container is not styrofoam, that would be sure to get outrage.


    I hope that they buy generic.

    Do they self administer, or does one "help" the other? Does this replace sex, or foreplay?

    Cream or Coffee-Mate?

    Anything but that dry, non-dairy stuff, I assume.  

    In the video clip, she does it on her own and it doesn't look as sexy as it sounds in my description. The husband says he has since backed off on the many times per day thing but his wife still sometimes does 9 or 10 in 24 hours(!). He puts up with it because he loves her.

    Obviously if he loves her, he'd get her into therapy.
    You have got to be sh*tting me.

    Some people are just too stupid to live.

    Yeah, I think I'll continue having my coffee go around my elbow to get to my a**.

    Who cares? All this print and airtime and finger wagging over this? A whole nation is killing itself with fast and over-processed foods, no exercise, drugs and alcohol and cigarettes, but you're decided two people who like it up the ass with a french roast grind need national comment? Under the guise of science? As a warning the rest of the world needs? Okay, I get it, you've saved me from myself. Because of you, I now probably will definitely stay out of Starbucks on the way home from my local tropical fish store (where they sell plastic tubing). With your article, you have clearly advanced our nation's health. Much appreciated. I am just hoping your piece wasn't some pent up sexual frustration and an excuse to talk dirty. That wouldn't be science now, would it?

    Are you a sociologist? You kind of talk like one with all that 'I will diagnose people over the Internet, everything is about sex' business.
    It's true. This is just entertaining drivel and he burnt you to the ground. No need to go on the attack. You are only harming yourself.

    Caucasians are nasty freaky people! dam !

    Doesn't Gerson use coffee enemas as part of his cancer protocol?

    My understanding is that this is one of the ways to increase glutathione in the body.

    Yes, Gerson therapy is a ritual that uses coffee, among other things, but it doesn't help with cancer or anything else.  'Ritual' is the operative term.  When alternative medicine survives double blind, randomized trials we call it regular medicine, but until then I hope no one risks their lives using detoxification or anything else when it really matters.  The National Cancer Institute debunked him in the 1940s and that his daughter is still exploiting people to make money off of this is shameful. 
    It seems this article should go a little deeper (pun intended) into the health benefits of coffee that have been proven or not. From what I've read in the past, it can help control / prevent diabetes, certain types of cancers, heart conditions, and hepatitis. That kind of information would be very helpful.

    We have about 400 articles related to the health benefits (and a few outlier pieces claiming it is not awesome) of coffee. Too many studies to include in one article.
    This gives "coffee break" a whole new meaning. I wonder when they'll start keeping enima bags next to the paper cups in the employee lounge...

    Do i smell coffee brewing or did you just pass gas dear ???

    its cause in the butt bypasses 1st-pass metabolism in the liver. kind of like taking an IV.

    One of my favorite Johnny Carson moments was when he had Michael Landon of "Little House on the Prairie" fame on and they got talking about the coffee enemas Landon was taking as part of his cancer treatments.(Didn't work, he died not long after that). At the end of the segment Landon invited Carson over for coffee sometime.

    John Hasenkam
    Those two have obsessive compulsive disorder. 
    It seems this article should go a little deeper (pun intended) into the health benefits of coffee that have been proven or not
    On a weight basis coffee is possibly the most antioxidant rich food in the average kitchen. Large epidemiological studies from Norway and the USA found coffee consumption was a stronger marker for reduced oxidation events than vegetables, chocolate, or wine. There is also evidence for protection against type 2 diabetes, liver damage, and dementias but such studies need to taken with a tablespoon of salt.