Girls Play With Dolls, Boys Catapult Them
    By Hank Campbell | December 12th 2012 01:32 PM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Though a subset of culture is determined to make the world omnisexual, kids are not getting the message.

    It isn't that efforts aren't persistent.  A Swedish regulatory group chastised Top-Toy, the Toys"R"Us of Europe, and pressured them to change their "narrow-minded" ways. Not wanting to appear insensitive, or to get a big government crackdown for ignoring a 'suggestion' that has the force of government behind it, the company introduced gender neutrality in its 2012 Christmas catalog - to the delight of cultural militants who insist the world will be a better place if we just experiment with children more.

    This is the same country that proposed creating a law requiring men to sit while urinating, asked for a special tax to be placed on men...just because...and introduced a genderless pronoun no one uses. Now they have a toy catalog where the girls are playing with guns and boys are playing with dolls.  Revolucion! Finally, we can achieve that progressive Utopia society has long sought. Where it is established that boys and girls are identical - they have identical interests and tendencies and we will never ever have to see science book chapters titled "Boys Have Wee-Wees And Girls Have Hoo-Hoos" in books because, well, cultural evangelists say it is just not true.

    But what if it is true? The cultural mullahs who insist boys and girls are all the same also insist their deprogramming takes time and that is why it never worked in the past - they sound a lot like those people claiming they can undo some special brainwashing that makes people gay - but Hasbro would like to sell toys right now. 

    Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys, notes in The Atlantic that when Hasbro tried to create a gender-neutral playhouse 20 years ago, the girls played with the dolls while the boys catapulted the baby carriage from the roof of the thing.

    Maybe American kids are more indoctrinated in heteronormative gender roles than the rest of the world?  That would be valid if rhesus monkeys didn't do the exact same thing.

    So, should we be forcing children into a cultural experiment, the way society used to force female 'tomboys' to act more more feminine and 'sensitive' boys were forced to act more masculine?  Whatever happened to tolerance, and why don't Swedes have more of it?

    Sommers tackles it all in You Can Give a Boy a Doll, but You Can't Make Him Play With It - The Atlantic


    I seem to remember that gender neutrality was also experimented with in other countries such as China under the cultural revolution. But then, that was top down, in Sweden it seems bottom up. Even the use of condoms appear to need a written legal agreement between consenting adults to avoid international persecution.

    Even as a transgender person I get where you are coming from.  In fact transgender people often describe their sense of unusual gender as stemming from their desire to play with toys usually reserved for the other assigned gender.  i.e. A boy who wants to play with barbie and comb her hair or a girl who wants to play in the mud with a Tonka truck.    Many radical feminist hate transgender people for this very reason.   They say  "Why can't you just be a male but want to play with a doll".  

    It's really a matter of definitions.  Our cultures do not allow for someone to stand up and say I am a male or I am a man, who looks and acts exactly or more or less like a woman, and dresses like a woman who is none the less a man.  Anyone who dose those acts is redefined as a woman if they look the part enough.  To the point that even if they do all of the above but still like women it makes them Lesbian or bisexual in the eyes of many.  *

    In my opinion.  Let the dolls be for girls and the trucks for boys.  So long as when the rare boy or girl wants to play with one or the other they aren't persecuted for it who cares? 

    *Edited to add.  Consider that a woman can be tomboyish or even quite masculine and no one will judge her quite the same way as someone born XY male.  For a long time those who study such things did not even count a woman dressing in male clothes as a form of cross dressing as, for women, such behavior is quite socially acceptable.  So long as one does not go to the point of actual hormonal transition and growing a beard.   
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