Lost City Of Atlantis Not Found Again
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    Once a year someone is claiming to be on the trail of Atlantis, a science-fiction city or nation or whatever in which super-smart people from the past were somehow wiped out and took a whole lot of cool technology with them.

    Last year, it was at least interestingly supposed to be in Spain

    This year, it was maybe in the Baltic Sea - but if you are also searching for Atlantis make sure you use the right fuzzy language so you don't look silly when it turns out not to be aliens from the past. A "discovery" can be a "strange" and "mysterious" seafloor object and no one will object to that.  Then you just hint it might be Atlantis and hope National Geographic gives you a show.

    "If this is Atlantis, that would be quite amazing," said Peter Lindberg, head of the Ocean X Team. "It has these very strange stair formations, and if it is constructed, it must be constructed tens of thousands of years ago before the Ice Age." 

    So if it turns out to be a glacial deposit, well, there is always next year. 

    "It's good to hear critical voices about this 'Baltic Sea mystery,'" Volker Brüchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, wrote to Natalie Wolchover of Life's Little Mysteries in an email. "What has been generously ignored by the Ocean-X team is that most of the samples they have brought up from the sea bottom are granites and gneisses and sandstones."

    Better luck next time. If you want to support the search for Atlantis, please buy a t-shirt from the Ocean X website, because no government agency wants to fund them.  Maybe the Big Lemuria conspiracy is secretly pulling the strings to block them out.


    Frank Parks
    What?  A fuzzy sonar image isn't enough science for you? 

    If you look real close at the artist rendering you can clearly see that this is confirmation of the Mayan Calendar Doomsday event.  Or maybe it is the Super Moon Conjunction.
    wouldn't it be great if sarcasm could make up for utter ignorance?


    It astonishes me that a "Science writer" can write an article so devoid of facts and research.

    Either you have not been following the discoveries regarding the Baltic anomaly (which I suspect is the case)or you are purposefully misleading your readers. I hope it is the former, but neither reflects well on your intelligence and integrity.

    So educate us.  Cite the evidence this is Atlantis.
    Oh Hank,

    Who said it was Atlantis? Why would you want evidence of something that nobody claimed?

    Lindberg, who has stated numerous times that he believes this to be a "natural stone formation" said ""If this is Atlantis, that would be quite amazing", a sentiment I daresay you would agree with.

    The term "Atlantis" was introduced into the discussion by someone else, referring to the idea that this object could an artifact of a human society that existed before the normally cited "dawn of civilization" 6- 100 thousand years ago. In fact recent discoveries in Turkey prove that a sophisticated civilization existed over 13,000 years ago at Gobleki Tepe:öbekli_Tepe

    What the Baltic sea anomaly evidence does show is that there is 200 ft diameter, perfectly circular object of unknown composition, with perfectly straight and right angle features and right angles which is thoroughly distinct from anything else ever discovered in the Baltic Sea.

    The article you reference; "life's Little Mysteries" bears the headline: "Baltic Sea UFO identified" which is inaccurate and misleading in so many ways, I'll let you count them.

    Do a little research, and give YOUR opinion on what this this based on the evidence presented by the explorers, not some nitwit at Discover Magazine. I am sincerely interested in your analysis.


    Will Galison

    So you say it is not a rock it is an underwater alien?  What is your thesis?

    You really really have to read things more carefully. Where did I say it's "not a rock or an underwater alien"?

    What the heck is an "Underwater alien"?

    It is an anomaly. It happens all the time in Science that something is observed that appears to defy the current paradigm. You should read Thomas Kuhn.

    It is the job of science at that point to gather data on the anomaly and if current theory does not explain it, to expand or shift the paradigm. Theories are flexible, data is not.

    That said, this appears to be a construction of some kind, as perfect circles, straight lines and right angles rarely occur together in natural geologic formations.

    If it is not a construction - meaning something artificial as oppose o natural - it is some kind of natural anomaly, which is also worthy of study.

    The truth is that this mysterious object is a replica of an actual alien space ship. The aliens have created this replica in order to draw attention to their presence here. They can not come out openly and declare their existence because that violate their own code of conduct and agreements with the US government. Hence the aliens are showing themselves in this oblique way (they also create crop circles for similar reasons). The US military has chosen to coverup the existence of aliens and their space ship for their own narrow vested interests. See for more info

    Gerhard Adam
    Yeah ... a replica ... that couldn't possibly attract attention.  I wonder if that violates their government agreement, because I would hate to see them end up at Guantanamo, simply because of a misunderstanding.

    BTW ... I'm not up on galactic law, but can the U.S. keep aliens without a trial?
    Mundus vult decipi
    Only the illegal kind.
    Never is a long time.
    I suggest you to watch my Chanel on YouTube, The Chanel is "mikhailmirskiy" which will make you change your statements . In my videos i used original pictures from Google map which were taken by myself in 2011. You can see a complete similarity between Aztec calendar and my object that i discovered near Alaska. I would love to hear your opinions about that. If you have something to share about this topic email me, In addition to that if you need any original pictures i can send them to you.

    You can't prove Lemurians didn't hijack the satellites used by Google Maps to make you think you found Atlantis, or an Aztec calendar, or whatever.
    With all due respect to you, I can not agree with the conclusions that you make. Atlantis is not just a city which has a round shape standing on the cross is the city found on land and in water. The difference between these structures is that in their production technique was used to make and move allows megalith that modern technology is simply impossible Nature can not create objects of regular geometric shape which is a circle, square, rectangle, angle of 45 - 90 degrees, the sameness of my findings and the Aztec calendar such coincidences just do not happen. From any circular object can make a calendar

    Still look at a calendar of Aztecs as the architect, you will see that it is the city a fortress. 1 water barrier - the channel in a wave mode on water. 2 defensive wall with towers in the form of a teeth and constructions through a certain distance. 3 inhabited and economic constructions 4 central part of the city with pyramids and other objects of cult value

    So the Aztecs were in the Baltic Sea? 
    The only merit of the Aztec and Mayan artifacts are preserved for future generations, which is not true for us. Probably about 70% goes to the collection and precious metal smelter. 84.267172, -149.992677 is the position I want to draw your attention that Google in 2012 all bodies of water did poorly discernible or completely invisible as Atlantis near Spain.

    I would love would take your help. You probably noticed that I did not have anything to touch up and to turn to a place or area to look at my discovery and the Aztec calendar