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    By Hank Campbell | June 24th 2011 11:28 PM | 8 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Conservatives, who generally agree on the value of individual freedom, want the government to limit marijuana.   Progressives, who generally agree on the value of big government, don't want the government to limit marijuana.

    Conservatives, who generally agree on the merits of capitalism, like genetically modified organisms, as long as they aren't researched using human embryonic stem cells and curing people of serious illnesses.   Progressives, who generally dislike capitalism unless it is the magical sort that works in a world where regulation of fossil fuels and mandates and subsidies for lousy alternative solutions from 1600 A.D. will still allow capitalism to flourish, dislike genetically modified organisms because they hate science.

    Given this political landscape, I have learned of a product that will bring both political fringes together; genetically modified marijuana.   

    Conservatives will like it if it makes Monsanto rich and progressives will like it because, you know, they are stoners.    That sounds like 100 percent voter approval to me.

    As always, Colombians are part of the scientific avant garde.  They have embraced science in a way no one in America has and created lines of GMO marijuana that are more robust and have increased concentration of THC, 18 percent levels compared to supposedly better 'organic' marijuana that has only two to seven percent.   Some of it even goes by the name "Creepy."

    It gets better.  Both conservatives and progressives care about poor people, right?  Well,  GMO marijuana wins there also.  It sells for 100,000 pesos per kilo - 10 times what cuddly pot farmers can get for ordinary marijuana.  Good luck getting that kind of scratch growing bananas and coffee, even if they claim it's organic.

    And unlike organic bananas and coffee, GMO marijuana doesn't spoil so easily.   You know what that means?   Fewer emissions because a lot more arrives safely.  That's a win for global warming too.


    As always, Colombians are part of the scientific avant garde.  They have embraced science in a way no one in America has and created lines of GMO marijuana
    Those seeds had been made in the Netherlands! They just grow a lot now in Columbia. Second article today that you mess up too much. What about less focus on sticking it to whoever and more on the science?
    Anyway, this great GMO pot proves my point: Best and most citizen science projects are about banned medications. We can do it, let's modify the Ephedra plant!
    Second article today that you mess up too much. 
    Well, the first one I wasn't trying to be funny.  So yes, I was having a bad day.
    I am a Republican and I support the legalization of marijuana. I have a couple of questions though. I read in a letter to the editor in the WSJ sometime back that there is no way to test for marijuana inebriation that tells whether the pot was smoked a few hours ago or last week. I assume we don't want stoners driving cars or taking a few hits during lunch break and then coming back to work anymore than we want drunks driving cars or attempting to do their jobs. Do you know if this is true? I can't recall my other question. I am 64 and some of my sharps are going flat.

    Mary - the fact is that smoking pot makes you drive more carefully - this is no joke! The reason is plainly that you get less aggressive and more tuned into whatever you do, like driving. Moreover, it helps many concentrate and work hard instead of goofing off. Yes, you DO want people taking hits during lunch break and coming back to work if it helps them. THC is a very effective anti-depressant. Why would you ban anti-depressants from working people while more than 8% (latest numbers for Europe) of the population has taken anti-depressants in the last year, mostly prescribed in order to manage depression to be fit for work?
    I remembered my other question. Is there any research on the effect of marijuana smoke on the lungs and related organs? In other words does it cause cancer the way tobacco does?

    You no longer get arrested for DWI (driving while intoxicated) it is driving under the influence (DUI) so if you get pulled over and can't walk a straight line and a test shows you have it in your system, you are getting convicted.
    Inhaling any smoke is a risk factor for lung cancer but risk factor is not a guarantee.  Cigarettes don't 'cause' lung cancer or more than 10% of smokers would get lung cancer and the 50% of lung cancer victims that have not smoked at all wouldn't get it.    Smoking is instead a risk factor but there is a multi-billion industry built around anti-tobacco marketing so it's hard to hear science fact through the noise.

    So if you would have a higher risk factor getting lung cancer from cigarettes you will have the same risk from pot and the more you smoke the worse it is.
    Marijuana actually has cancer-fighting properties; however, from what I've heard any type of smoking can put you at risk for certain types of cancers. This is why people smoke with vaporizors and water pipes.

    2-7%!!!! who grows cannabis like that these days??? cause thats some awful budz. northern cali budz thc content get all the up to 24% tested. and nor-cal arent the only ones. ill take orgainc plant that tests out at 24 rather than anything man made at 18