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I'm the founder of Science 2.0® in 2006 and, since July of 2015, the President of the American Council on Science and Health..

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Though the public imagery of science is lab coats and test tubes, less well-known is the role of software development in science.

It is often the case that tools don't really exist to do some of the things that need to be done, but after the hard work of creating, testing and validating the code, it only gets mentioned in a line about the roles of the authors that few people actually read.(1)

Americans have new dietary guidelines and those state that half of our daily servings of grains should be whole grain, because whole grains are higher in fiber and lower in fat, etc.

5 percent of you will actually do that. Why the Federal government would diet shame 95 percent of America is a separate issue, perhaps they want to create an ideal for you to strive for, the same way supermodels are an ideal body image that women who read fashion magazine are supposed to strive for - you don't have to attain it, as long as you try - but that is not the point of this article.
A new paper has found that criminal masterminds have been engaging in creating future henchmen starting at the earliest ages - Kindergarten.

Suitable candidates are carefully placed in Kindergarten where they develop vast academic and social networks so that when they begin their lives of crime, they have friends in all the right places. 

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar because they need to be sweet. But why is sweetness the fundamental consideration?

Some candies are sour and people love them. When did we become so polarized about sweet and salty? Some of it is just culture and so it would take time to adjust. A friend of mine moved to the U.S. from Korea and an early comment was, 'There is so much cheese' but Americans don't realize that we have dairy everywhere. 'Soft' drinks as we know them were created so merchants could sell something on Sundays, when 'hard' drinks were not allowed. Because the market was also kids they were made sweet.
A day after Playstation announced that their players are finally getting an update which will allow them to quickly switch from Rest Mode to powered-up, a feature already available on Xbox, the Natural Resources Defense Council announced that Xbox players are killing Gaia.
I wouldn't have thought a reason to ban the type of pesticides called neonicotinoids ("neonics"), which replaced broad spectrum organophosphate pesticides with a product similar to nicotine that naturally acts on specific receptors in the nerve synapses of some insects but is harmless to anything else, would be because politicians can't pronounce "varroa mites", yet environmentalists living in the modern Food Babe-ish 'if you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't eat it' world have made that more and more plausible.