Squid Spermatophores: The Movie!
    By Danna Staaf | June 25th 2012 06:58 PM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    The fun folks of Nerd Nite San Francisco invited me to straighten out all the hilarious squid sperm news with a mini-talk last Wednesday. I was honored!

    Nerd Nite SF: Squid Spermatophore mini-talk by Danna Staaf, 6/20/12 from nerdniteSF on Vimeo.

    (The other talks that night were fantastic--did you know some high school students engineered a bacterium to heal concrete?--and will also be posted online soon.)


    Remarkably complex machinery. Makes me wonder if the spermatophore is a sort of re-purposed larva....

    Danna Staaf
    It is amazing, isn't it? I'm sure that's why people sometimes mistake spermatophores for parasites or larvae. But they are actually very, very different. Larvae are new organisms, with some genes from each parent, while spermatophores contain only the male's genes, in the form of spermatozoa.