Baking Soda: Removes Stains, Odors, And Combats Global Warming
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    Baking soda is one of those wonder substances with useful applications far beyond simple baked goods. Baking Soda We all know we can open a box and leave it in our fridge to combat odors. But as a result of innovative work done by Skyonic Corporation in Texas, baking soda may become one of our greatest weapons against carbon emissions and global warming as well.

    Skyonic has developed a “post-combustion carbon capture and sequestration technology that works with any large-scale stationary CO2 emitter” (e.g.- coal, natural gas or oil fired power plant). The process removes heavy metals, acid gasses, and carbon dioxide from conditioned at-temperature flue gas. The carbon emissions are then stored as stable sodium bicarbonate (better-than-food-grade baking soda) for long-term storage as land or mine fill. The clean flue gas is then returned to the plants stack for release.

    Skyonic's unique system traps 90 percent of the factory emissions, and mixes the carbon dioxide with the chemical sodium hydroxide, which transforms the gas into harmless baking soda. This ingenious new system is still in a pilot program, but early results seem promising – and could result in a lot of extra baking soda: By using this process at a typical 500 megawatt power plant, you'll end up with almost six hundred and fifty thousand tons of baking soda each year.

    So what do we do with all of that extra baking soda? Well, as I mentioned before, baking soda happens to be one incredibly useful substance. Here are just a few household uses:

    1. Put out fires - A handful of baking soda can safely put out small fires on stoves, carpets, etc.
    2. Clean your teeth - Use a little bit of baking soda on your toothbrush after you've brushed to get your teeth extra white.
    3. Cleans clothes - Add a little baking soda to your cycle, it takes out tough stains.
    4. Use to clean certain dishes/containers - Use baking soda on food and drink containers to clean well. Works well with plastic items.
    5. Use to clean things around the house - Baking soda is a great cleaning tool for almost anything. Toilets, counters, marble, garbage cans, sinks, showers etc.
    6. Use to clean stainless steel pots and glass.
    7. Use baking soda to break down tough dirty areas; dirt on a car, inside of barbecue etc.
    8. Get rid of smells - Get rid of almost any smell with a little bit of baking soda.
    9. Use baking soda to clean appliances such as dishwashers and coffee-makers.
    10. Wash well with baking soda and apply for a stronger substitute then deodorant.
    11. Sun-burn solvent: To relieve minor burns (such as a sun burn), use baking soda and water.
    12. Gargle - Gargle baking soda for whiter teeth, fresher smell and it also heals sores.
    13. Bug bites - Apply baking soda to bug, bee, wasp, ant or any kind of bites for a quicker heal.
    14. Polish - Baking soda is a great polish for chrome, silver, marble furniture, piano keys.
    15. Smooth skin - Use with water to create paste, apply to face, careful to avoid eyes and mouth, and leave on for 3 - 5 minutes, wash off. Your face will be noticeably softer.

    But my personal favorite use for baking soda…? Good, old-fashioned baking. Here’s a recipe that uses baking soda (among other things) that makes pumpkin bread good enough to be enjoyed all year round.

    Perfect Pumpkin BreadPumpkin Bread


    The whole idea of using baking soda to help global warming makes sense. Who knew that a small everyday product could end up being a major solution to our enviornment, and still can help us with our baking needs and other household uses.
    Kimberly Crandell
    It seems that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

    Well, my initial thought was that the trona miners in Egypt and the US aren't going to be happy about unemployment with all this extra baking soda on the market but then I realized the lye they use requires salt which has to be ... mined.

    So Dow Chemical will get rich and people stay employed. I love the big magical onion of capitalism.

    Fossil Huntress
    How incredibly clever!
    Great article baking soda is really a hidden gem when it comes to teeth whitening, I have recently begun to try it myself and the results are amazing, thanks for the great advice. You may also be interested to read the following informative article about more ways to do it. Thanks.
    I'm a long-time fan of baking soda, but I've been looking for actual proof (controlled research) that it dispels odors simply by "absorbing" them--the open soda box in the fridge scenario. I read in a marketing book (can't remember which) that this use came about as part of a marketing plan by Arm & Hammer, the major brand. The author cited the brilliance of the marketing--open the box, let it set, then wash it down the drain. What other product is sold on such a basis, the author claimed, where you buy it and then dispose of it and are happy about it? Again, I think it works in many ways, including for odor absorption, but I'm as susceptible to suggestion as anyone else. I'd like to know there is solid evidence that this particular use actually works because producing and consuming any product uses energy. (Note to A&H: I will buy Baking Soda either way for other purposes.)