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    I love the Nobel Prize...(and foam, sometimes)
    By Mrs. H. | October 6th 2009 06:23 PM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    I always like to hear who got the Nobel Prize (well at least the one in medicine, anyway- I am definitely not a physics person), because lately it is almost someone who researched something that I remember learning about in school, when it was "new". 

    This year, it's telomeres- the particular sequences on the ends of chromosomes that protect the actual genes from getting broken down.  It's also nice to see 2 women getting the prize.  Oh, and a man, too, don't want anyone to think I wasn't paying attention.

    When I was skimming through my RSS feed after finding the announcement about the Nobel Prize, I came across this, about a "mini-Stonehenge" discovered near the original.  While that news was interesting, it triggered a memory of a tacky tourist attraction we saw on our honeymoon: FOAMHENGE. It's a replica of Stonehenge, made out of...you guessed it- foam.  We couldn't bring ourselves to pay money to see this.  I think I would rather just go see the original if I was that interested, but apparently this Foamhenge is considered something of a work of art?  And that's why I write about science and not art!


    We couldn't bring ourselves to pay money to see this.
    You must be getting older.  You only want to pay money to see things that are good and not pay to see things that are retro kitsch bad.   Like we all used to.
    Ha!  Very true.  When I was in college, I probably would have thought Foamhenge was the coolest thing going...