Joe Rogan, And Other Podcasters, "Influence" Does Not Equal Expertise, Let Alone Data. Science Is Not Debate, It Is Data Lead.

Even a website by researchers who support the use of Ivermectin say you need to get vaccinated...

A Picture Of The James Webb Space Telescope, Taken With An Earthbound Telescope.

  At least one Astronomer has shared an image of the James Webb Space Telescope taken from...

Everything The Anti-Vaccine Right Does Not Like Will Be Mass Formation Psychosis.

Mass formation psychosis does not exist as a term used in psychology, or social psychology according...

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, Of the Infamous Physics Bogdanoff Affair, Dead Of Covid Within Days Of Eachother at 72

Breaking Grichka Bogdanoff one of two brothers who attained a PhDs in questionable circumstances...

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Currently I am an adjunct professor at the College of DuPage. My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and raised in Chicagoland I have lived... Read More »

Where can one see the lunar eclipse online or at a viewing party.  Here are a couple of options and how to find out.

The best option would be to watch the eclipse online via NASA's live feed of the eclipse from Huntsville Alabama. Which I have embedded right here. 

Here I will explain the difference between matter, anti matter, dark matter, and negative matter in a concise and understandable way.   I have seen confusion pop up in various online forums and comments on the recent announced trapping of an anti atom by CERN. 

The first thing to know is that for a physicist there are four fundamental forces of nature which are always at work.  These are the familiar Gravity and  Electromagnetism, as well as the generally unfamiliar strong and weak atomic forces.   The atomic forces work on the length scale of atoms, Electromagnetism and gravity work on the length scale of the universe though in fundamentally different ways.
If you are a scientist in any field you have had to deal with a member of the public who did not understand the word theory.  This blog post intends to be a simple explanation for the willing but confused. 
What are theories how are they arrived at? 

The word theory has it's roots in the scientific method.  (In order to divorce this from creationism or the theory that the ancient Egyptians were really black Africans and other emotionally charged topics I shall write in Abstract terms. )

The scientific method has several basic steps.  

  1. Observation of some phenomena.    

Cyberstalking as a way of trying to bully someone into giving them what they want on line.  A certain website was set up just to slander me by The  Organisation Intersex International  OII.    Now one Katrina C Rose a Phd candidate in history at U Iowa has gotten into the act. I have responded to OII's inane comments before.  Now evidence emerges that people are keeping tabs on what I do online.  That's something else entirely. 
The Washington Post reports on massive cuts across the world of European science.  The impact on young scientist will be devastating as their research is placed on hold.  All 12 accelerators at CERN will be mothballed for at least a year.  The European Space Agency will face deep budget cuts as well.

The people who will not be deeply effected by this are the tenured professors.  One year off will just be a year with pay for them.   The people I worry about, the people who will be most effected by this, their graduate students. 
When thinking of M theory and how it's popularized so much is said about it's wild and wonderful predictions.  However their is not much said about how to think of the M branes themselves.  I was at the beach today and thought as I was looking at the water of M theory.  
The surface tension is much like an Mtheory Brane.  The little waves and ripples in the surface are analogous to the ripples on lake Michigan.  

I thought about cutting the video up , dubbing in cleaner audio but really is this that serious?  Enjoy