Growing Anti Germ Theory Denialism And COVID 19, Anti-Science That Makes Flat Earthers Look Brilliant.

Disease is caused by microbes, viruses, and bacteria. In the case of cancer, it is an overgrowth...

Joe Rogan, And Other Podcasters, "Influence" Does Not Equal Expertise, Let Alone Data. Science Is Not Debate, It Is Data Lead.

Even a website by researchers who support the use of Ivermectin say you need to get vaccinated...

A Picture Of The James Webb Space Telescope, Taken With An Earthbound Telescope.

  At least one Astronomer has shared an image of the James Webb Space Telescope taken from...

Everything The Anti-Vaccine Right Does Not Like Will Be Mass Formation Psychosis.

Mass formation psychosis does not exist as a term used in psychology, or social psychology according...

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Currently I am an adjunct professor at the College of DuPage. My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and raised in Chicagoland I have lived... Read More »

What happened to all the enthusiasm?  Perhaps new astronomy will shed light on the matter.
In 2005 the anniversary of Einstein's miracle year there was much talk of "new Einstien"s and why there have been no new ones.   Carlo Rovelli published a very good book on the subject.  String theory and M theory were as hot as the surface of the sun.  In a heated exchange on Wikipedia I made the acquaintance of Lubos Motl.   There was much excitement 4 years ago.  So what happened?  Why no accepted theory of quantum gravity?  

Every so often here a "investigation" by one Curtis Hinkle and the "transgender and intersexed community" will be cited. What about the people who did the investigating? Those anonymous members of the "transgender and intersexed" community. What they are like. It is on their word that the veracity of their conclusions, connections and extrapolations ought to be assessed. Ms. Joelle Ruby Ryan is one such person. This is a follow up to my previous blog post on the subject of fat studies "Is it about body acceptance and self esteem or jealousy".
More reality programs, less hard science coverage, and when they do cover hard science it's watered down.  This is all true as the production values of the programs have increased while the science value has decreased.  
When the science channel started many years ago here are some of the shows they had. 
  • Skeptical Inquirer  - Cold hands off debunking of things like acupuncture.
  • Understanding - in depth hard core exposition of physics, chemistry, or biology.
  • A number of documentary series
The goal of a world where body weight was not cause for discrimination or denigration is a nobel one, but at what cost?  In the zero sum game point of view some activist have it seems that for people of high BMI to gain, those who are of normal BMI must loose?  

Robert Wald has formulated QFT in curved space time in terms of it's algebra of observables on a manifold.  In doing so he has, perhaps unintentionally, provided framework in which very different theories of quantum gravity look very similar. 
Approximately $1500 worth of fried electronics has taught me a valuable lesson.