I love chemicals. I keep them in the house because they clean stuff in ways that Seventh Generation nonsense and All Natural Lavender alternatives never will.

But unless they have common names like 'coffee' I don't drink them. Nor should you. Especially if some charlatan slaps the words Miracle Solution on there. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, which is obviously not a church and can only prevent conditions no one has, is selling chlorine dioxide products that it fraudulently claims can treat or prevent COVID-19.

It does not. FDA has sent them a warning letter and inside FDA right now is about the millionth time that some scientist is complaining that President Clinton listened to all those Democrats who hate science and gave the alternative medicine market a free pass by making the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 into law and then spending money that could have been used for science on the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

It prevents FDA, which won't even let a real company sell hand sanitizer without years of red tape and tens of millions of dollars in studies, from wnding goofy claims about supplements, homeopathy, organic food, and you name whatever else, as long as they put in tiny print that FDA has not agreed with any of it.

But blatant fraud they can still stop, like this unsubstantiated claim that chlorine dioxide is anything but nonsense. It cannot help with COVID-19 or autism, cancer, AIDS, hepatitis and flu

In a post-coronavirus world, the UN needs to reorganize WHO, the US needs to reorganize the CDC, and FDA needs to tell Congress, especially the political party that overwhelmingly embraces alternatives to science and medicine, that they should be spending their time and our money on real problems, not warning us about yet another fraud they were made powerless to prevent.