It's great for alternative energy groups to tout how much more solar and wind there is than 10 years ago, and how if some cosmic curve of installations continues indefinitely, fossil fuels and nuclear power will go extinct - but in the real world, where California has to jettison emissions standards and Germany has to go under the control of Russia to prevent blackouts, a world where everyone pays a fortune to get rationed energy is bleak.

A bleak world is what Sri Lanka recently had, because they believe alternative science activists about how organic food was viable and affordable and ready. The country went along with western environmental propaganda and paid the price. After declaring they would be 'all organic' in May, they had yields in the cellar by August. Costs skyrocketed, people hoarded food, and the government began raiding homes so people could not sell food on the black markets.

Now they have abandoned the fiasco. Not because people were starving but because exports had plummeted, and the wealthy elites who wanted to emulate the west realized that the people touting organic are paid to promote it, not grow it. The desperate government had even violated its own ban, importing modern chemicals via Lithuania and hoping no one would notice if they had  “organic fertiliser” labels places on the 30,000 tons.

Whole Foods shoppers are fooled by labels, but few others.

Now the government has stated they are going to un-ban chemicals that work until they know organic is really "ready", not when lawyers in other countries claim it is ready.