Environmental Campaigns Against Nuclear Science Limits Its Acceptance, Even In Thought Experiments On Reducing CO2

Can all nuclear energy be weaponized? It could, according to US politicians in the 1990s, when President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry mortally wounded nuclear energy development, to the cheers of their constituents. It was all based on claims by env ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Sep 23 2021 - 12:41pm

Banning Financing For Fossil Fuel Projects In Africa Increases Inequity

Today’s global energy inequities are staggering. ...

Article - The Conversation - Oct 15 2021 - 5:31am

Electric Car Batteries Are An Expensive, Energy Intensive Headache To Recycle- And That Is Not Going Away

Riding a wave of government mandates and subsidies, and ignoring that fossil fuel usage to create electricity is identical to what it was before a trillion dollars in additional subsidies for solar and wind alternatives, electric cars are now everywhere. ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Nov 9 2021 - 7:32pm