Tragic Elevator Accident in Seville

A woman has died in a tragic accident shortly after giving birth by caesarean section.  It is unfortunate that, due to a new Spanish Law which requires media to invoice Google for even a small snippet of copyright material, Google no longer feeds Spanish news to its Google News pages.

In consequence of that law, it falls to English-speaking journalists to tell the world about events in Spain.  That would not be a problem except for the fact that the papers which first picked up this story constitute Britain's gutter press.  They have sensationalised and distorted this tragic event for the sake of click-bait headlines and their commercial bottom line.

In the interest of promoting good journalism and in the interests of accuracy in reporting I reproduce here translated into English the original report from ABC Seville.  What this has to do with science is - science cannot thrive without accurate reporting.  By showing how some media sensationalises and distorts I hope to show evidence of British news sources not to be trusted in matters scientific, such as climate change.


A woman coming from a caesarean section in the Valme hospital died, trapped by an elevator

She spent two hours with her feet dangling in the elevator shaft until she was rescued by firefighters

A 25-year-old Gypsy woman, who had just left the waking room after giving birth (a caesarean section was performed), has died this afternoon when her body was severed by an elevator at Valme's hospital in Seville while she Was being transferred with the baby in bed from the second floor to the third, where Maternity is located, according to the union Csi-f.

The accident happened shortly after 14:30 hours. The woman was being pushed into the elevator, and she had not fully entered when, with the doors open, the elevator rose. Then she remained with her feet hanging in the elevator shaft, her head caught between the ceiling and the frame for two hours, until the firefighters could rescue her.

The baby has been transferred to the Children's Hospital of the Virgin del Rocío.

Numbers of Firemen, National Police and local Seville Police have been sent to the scene, while the duty doctors of the hospital center had gone immediately to the scene, without having been able to save the life of the woman.

A Scientific and Forensic Police team has also gone to the scene to begin the process of removing the body.

The Csi-f union1 has offered its complete support to the hospital's regional management, as well as to the family of the deceased.

1 - La Central Sindical Independiente y de Funcionarios
Two comments from the ABCdeseville web page are particularly worth repeating:
What does the fact that the poor woman is of "Gypsy ethnicity"? What relevance does it have? Has her race influenced what happened?

Man,all human technology can fail. I do not think it is intentional or sabotage, I would rather say laziness and "the less I spend on maintenance more money for our purses", that, people, is what we know. I do not think many SAS executives and bosses or trade unionists use those lifts.
 We all know that there are "reserved" elevators for these staff. Nothing will happen, and in three or four days everything will be forgotten. Come on, let's go, the league match is starting.

Don't worry! Lift / elevator accidents are fortunately very rare. BBC.

Most elevator failures are survivable - even
falling 44 floors - or even
75 floors.