We Know Very Little About Black Holes

Astronomers have speculated that black holes eat slowly. A recent paper argues that their computer simulation shows just the opposite.  Don't get too excited, this is still a computer simulation about theoretical physics, which isn't out there wi ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Sep 20 2023 - 1:12pm

A Simple Way To Assess The Likelihood K2-18 b Host Alien Life. The Odds Are Almost 50-50.

H ow can you as a person who is not a scientist know if a given claim of having found alien life is valid?  In 2014 I used the planet Kepler 186f as an object for discussing this very question.  First of all, at best we can know the odds that a given plan ...

Blog Post - Hontas Farmer - Sep 25 2023 - 3:42pm