Two items of tremendous note today, to wit:

The 2011 International Cephalopod Awareness Days begin tomorrow! It's no accident that this date also marks TONMOCON, the fourth biannual gathering of cephalopod enthusiasts. Unfortunately for me, TONMOCON IV is in Washington, D.C., and I can't make it across the country. But I will be there in squishy salty spirit!

I will, of course, be posting some truly spectacular blogs in celebration of Cephalopod Days, both here and at The Cephalopodiatrist. Stay tuned.

And the annual Ocean Bloggers for Education drive has begun! We all know, or can guess, how much schools are struggling this year in the face of seemingly endless budget cuts, but do go read Kevin Zelnio's impassioned plea at Deep-Sea News. Then check out the page of ocean-related projects at Donor's Choose--a really, really cool website that shows you exactly where your money is going if you choose to donate.

I'm not sure if the marine invertebrate set requested by Ms. Seals includes any cephalopods, but it could, and that's reason enough for me to celebrate Cephalopod Days with a donation.