Well, that Nibiru rapture on July 2nd never happened but it does not mean we are out of the woods.  In July of 1996, a barely tolerable movie called "Independence Day" had a plot where aliens invaded Earth.  It accomplished two things; the jingo-istic neo-cons in Hollywood of the Clinton years got to make July 4th a world holiday and they showed a Mac is so crappy it can ruin an alien civilization.

Maybe they also inspired the US army.  

It's hard to hide big projects these days.  What those annoying automated Google cars don't find, satellites will. And so the Landsat satellite has been capturing pictures of the Army creating an island - they named it Poplar Island - since 1998, right in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The army says the island is a wildlife sanctuary and home to 170 species of birds, they even have a web page where you can read all about it, but they would hide in plain sight by discussing this and claiming it is a bird sanctuary, right? 
So if aliens attack today, you know where to hide.

Poplar island

Video from Space Shows Army Creating an Island Off the Coast of the US by Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo