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    Light pressure is the best candidate of dark energy
    By Wan-Jiung Hu | February 12th 2013 09:55 PM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    The puzzle of dark energy, the dark cloud of 21st centry physics, is possibly solved. A postdoctorate, Wan-Jiung Hu, solves this puzzle in his book "Theories of Everything by Logic". Wan-Jiung Hu is a MD(National Taiwan University) and PhD(Johns Hopkins University). Currently, he is a postdoctorate in Taiwan. The author is highly interested in physics research as a formal member of German Society of Physic. The author is also an associate member of American Geophysical Union.

    In the book, the author propose that dark energy is actually light pressure. Photon emitted from galaxy will travel and finally reach the peripheral galaxy. Then, light pressure can cause our four dimensional universe to expansion. The logic is reasonable. The light pressure formula, according to JC Maxwell, is P=kT^4/c. In addition, there is a relation of temperature and accleration called Unruh-Hawking effect. This effect is discovered by Professors Stephen Hawking and Unruh. The relation is T=ah'/2pi*c*k. Combining light pressure formula and Unruh-Hawking effect, we can see that light pressure P is in direct porportion to the fourth power of acceleration a. This means light pressure causes the four dimensional spacetime accelerating expansion. This matches the current astrophysical observation.

    When photon approaches the peripheral galaxy, it can keep on going along the curve of the universe. We can view universe as a expanding bubble. Thus, photon will go around a circle in the peripheral universe. If we let the period t=2pi*c/a=2pi*r/c=x/c, then we can re-write the Unruh effect as T*t=h'/k. That is the temepature-time equation formula. This means that temperature and time has inverse relation. In addition, we can also get a new rewritten Unruh effect as T*x=ch'/k. This means the temperature and distance also have inverse relation. Combining these two results, we can finally get a light pressure-spacetime relation P=(pi^2/60)h'/t*x^3.

    During the beginning universe, the temerature is high and the light pressure P is also large. Thus, the acceleration a is large due to the high temperature. This is called the inflation period of universe. In our current universe, the background radiation temperature is only 2.73k, so the accelerating expansion of our current universe is much slower. However, we can still see the accelerating expansion. Based on the above equation, the acceleration will be slower and slower in the future.

    The author's result is very exciting. In the book, the author also propose solutions of dark matter and grand unified theory inside this book. Most important of all, the author propose a new earthquake theory. This theory says that earthquake is actually an abrupt EM radiation release from crust fissure and hole. The EM radiation energy acting on crust causes earthquake. Thw author argue the current plate tectonic earthquake theory. First, plate movement is a very slow and continuous movement about 1cm per 30 years, and it can not explain the abrupt and huge power earthquake. Second, many huge intraplate earthquke such as Si-Chuan earthquake cannot be explained by the plate-tectonic theory. Third, the plate tectonic theory cannot explain the earthquake light, ionosphere anomaly, and other EM anomaly accompanying earthquake. By applying this new theory, we can successfully explain earthqake light and ionosphere anomaly during major earthquakes. It can also explain why EM anomaly is frequently observed during earthquake. If we can monitor the change of EM radiation, we might be able to predict earthquake.

    The findings are very important. This book deserves more attention form the public and academic, especially for possible successful earthquake prediction.


    Light pressure is the best candidate of dark energy 
    leads to
    the author also propose solutions of dark matter and grand unified theory inside this book. Most important of all, the author propose a new earthquake theory.
    and I think "A postdoctorate, Wan-Jiung Hu, solves this puzzle in his book "Theories of Everything by Logic"" is the first time we have ever had someone write about themselves in the third person. 

    Are you going to write about something or just advertise your book?

    Hi, Hank, Thanks for your note. I want to advocate the theories for both dark energy theory and new earthquake theory, not to advertise the book.   Wan-Jiung

    Science 2.0 really needs to come up with a way to handle the people that just want to advertise their pet theories. There is a lot of gold on this site, but stuff like this is displayed right along with the good. This site already has a "Random Thoughts" section. Why not let readers flag things that should be moved there? And maybe after three-strikes, an author's articles just start there. If stuff is particularly agregious they of course could just be removed outright (as far as pet theories go I don't consider this particularly bad compared to say that guy who was promoting Christoph Schiller's nonesense who you booted).

    I keep meaning to create a Forum, where everyone can have at it but, like with Arxiv or Vixra, a little caveat emptor would be understood. When someone has a PhD we assume they have read the FAQ and that they know we don't want  a brand-new theory of everything from people who can't do algebra.

    I like to think our positive approach, we will let a scientist write until they show they shouldn't write, is better than being too close-minded and making people audition or already have a successful website. It's difficult enough to get scientists to do outreach without putting up a lot of barriers.

    It's certainly a testament to physicists and mathematicians that they have made so much possible everything thinks they can solve the riddle of the universe over a weekend.
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