There are sometimes complaints that modern men only prefer one certain female body type, but we should blame evolution and prehistoric influences, according to a new study.

Professor Anthony Ray from the Department of Evolution and Human Behavior at Mack University investigated male mate preferences for female figures. 200 males, ages 17-21 and receiving extra credit in an introductory psychology class at a small liberal arts college, were presented with images of women who had differing lumbar curvature but the same buttock size and vertebral wedging. 

A large majority of the men consistently preferred women whose buttock size and vertebral wedging most closely matched prehistoric ideals on what he calls the "Kardashian Lumbar Curvature Index".
Do you want to know whether or not there are GMOs in your home?

There is increasing concern about GMO safety in our post-agrobacterium world. Recognizing the need for increased consumer empowerment on this issue as well as an unmet need for more GMO transparency, we here at Revolution Bioengineering are developing 'Geemo', a simple, easy to use, plant that can detect GMOs around your home.

In my role as lead investigator at the Science of People laboratory complex, people often ask me if those 'social skills hacks' they read about are real.

Well, I am here to tell you they are, and I put together a video with my favorite one, showing how you can use the awesome power of science to make yourself more memorable to people you will meet in elevators or business meetings or even science conferences.

You can try this experiment using materials commonly found in homes and neighborhoods everywhere, it doesn't involve complex fMRI scans, expensive lab equipment or monkeys.
It is rare enough to have one accepted scientific paradigm turned on its head, but last week we had two. Pay attention. This may never happen again.

A study that was just published in the oft cited “Journal of Unintentional Environmentalism and Bassoon Maintenance” got things rolling. It provided proof that proponents of homeopathy have been right all along, despite longstanding, dogmatic and arrogant protestations by second rate pseudoscientific hacks such as myself. More on this later.

A recent study undertaken by the Institute of Polar Science has backed plans by Gala Casino to create the first ever Ice Casino.

Led by Professor Ross Bight, a renowned figure in the fields of both human and animal behaviour in the Arctic, the research has found that players become more composed and focussed whilst being subjected to a colder temperature. 


HONG KONG, March 2, 2015

The surest way to make someone laugh is to attack them, researchers said this week.

Humor is rooted in fear, and laughter is a type of screaming.

The widespread belief that surprise is the basic unit of joke delivery is wrong, according to entertainment researchers at the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Unpredictability is a common but OPTIONAL element of the process of making people laugh out loud, while the creation of emotional tension is far more significant.

Oh, yes.  I absolutely adore meeting with the media, it's my chance to give something back, don't you know, to give aspiring young journalists a paw up, as it were.  It's the least I can do.

I understand, dear.  Of course you feel that way.  I'm sure I would too, if I were in your shoes.  Sorry! I can't resist these little jokes.

Yes, I think we should.  What would you like to ask me?

Santa's so busy he has no time to play, capturing data at 1.25Gb/s, the NSA way. Shannon-Long/knowyourmeme

By Jesse Blum, University of Nottingham

After a year in which further details of national intelligence agencies' shadowy surveillance networks were laid bare, a fresh leak of documents reveals the obsessive surveillance that extends as far north as Lapland.

Santa’s Arctic Workshop (SAW) has deployed a multinational panopticon surveillance program, according to leaked documents being called “the Snowman Files”.

Good Needlwork magazine shows you how to get better bosoms. Image: Dave Whatt

By Jo Brewis, University of Leicester

When my good friend and long-term collaborator Sam Warren was given a pile of women’s magazines from the 1930s by her grandmother Jane Frampton, we found among them 11 Christmas issues of Good Needlework, Model Housekeeping, The Needlewoman and Stitchcraft.