Thinking 'I Can Do Better' Really Can Improve Performance, Study Finds

Telling yourself I can do better, can really make you do better at a given task, a study published...

The RNA That Snips And Stitches RNA

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is made up of exons and introns, that is, portions of genetic information...

The Irony Of Awkward

It's difficult to convince yourself to go out to that party when you won't know anybody there and...

Pubic Hair Grooming Common Among Some US Women

Women in the United States increasingly groom their pubic hair, especially those who are younger...

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Early in the morning of September 12th the Dark Energy Camera (DECam), the most powerful sky survey instrument yet built, mounted on the Victor Blanco Telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile recorded its first images of a southern sky spangled with galaxies.
An international team of scientists say they may have discovered why female killer whales have the longest menopause of any non-human species - it could be they worry about their adult sons. New research says that males over 30 have an almost 14-fold chance of dying during the year following the death of their mother. 
A massive Roman mosaic, from the apex of Imperial reach and power, has been unearthed in southern Turkey.
A natural product secreted by a soil bacterium may lead to a new drug to treat tuberculosis, report scientists in a new study. 

Pyridomycin, a natural antibiotic produced by the bacterium Dactylosporangium fulvum, has been shown to be active against many of the drug-resistant types of the tuberculosis bacterium that no longer respond to treatment with the front-line drug isoniazid.

Elsevier and SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) have announced the integration of more than 18,000 geological maps from SEPM into Elsevier's web-based research tool, Geofacets. The integration grants geoscientists access to scientific information that can provide key insight into the potential of regions for oil and gas exploration, allowing geoscientists to make predictions and guide exploration with greater confidence. As a result of adding maps from SEPM, Geofacets now houses over 225,000 maps providing essential information to geoscientists. 

The latest test drive marks the final chapter in a three year long project which has seen the development of the next step in autonomous driving technology, 'vehicle platooning'. Since 2009, Volvo Car Corporation has been the driving force behind the EU funded SARTRE project (Safe Road-Trains for the Environment), bringing vehicle platooning technology one step closer to becoming a reality on Europe's roads.