People Who Smile Are Regarded As Cooler

Imagine one person walks into a room and they are smiling and saying hello to everyone. Then imagine...

Food Waste Is Why Vegetarians Are Harder On The Planet Than Meat Eaters

A new study finds that Americans waste nearly a pound of food per person per day. And at the top...

Asperger Killed Disabled Kids For The Nazis

All of the intellectual elites who joke they have Asperger's or are "on the spectrum" as an excuse...

If Your Doctor Talks About Homeopathy, You Have A Terrible Doctor

Homeopathy, a belief from 200 years ago that if you took something that mimicked the symptoms of...

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The Black Sea sediment record has a terrific variety of past plankton species that left behind their genetic makeup - the plankton paleome.

The semi-isolated Black Sea is highly sensitive to climate driven environmental changes, and the underlying sediments represent high-resolution archives of past continental climate and concurrent hydrologic changes in the basin. The brackish Black Sea is currently receiving salty Mediterranean waters via the narrow Strait of Bosphorus as well as freshwater from rivers and via precipitation.

A roughly 3.5-mile high Martian mound  known as Mount Sharp is not evidence of a massive lake but might be the result of the Red Planet's famously dusty atmosphere, a new analysis has found. If correct, the research dilutes expectations that the mound holds evidence of a large body of water and ideas about past habitability.

You've seen it on television; a rich, older man who supports a younger, attractive spouse. And it happens in real life, but it's rare.

Instead, a new analysis by economists has found that people married to much younger or much older mates have lower average earnings, lower cognitive abilities, are less educated and even less attractive than couples of similar ages.

Hawaii does not get a lot of hurricanes, only two have made landfall in the last 30 years.

But scientists at the International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa predict that Hawaii could see a two-to-three-fold increase in tropical cyclones by 2075.

How worried should Hawaii residents get?

Bullying and violence are the latest cultural magnet for administrators in schools around the country, but the solution may not be paid commercials, more books or talks in the gym - it may be as simple as embracing team sports again.

At the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Washington, D.C., researchers discussed their analysis of data from the 2011 North Carolina Youth Risk Behavior Survey to see if athletic participation was associated with violence-related behaviors, including fighting, carrying a weapon and being bullied. A representative sample of 1,820 high school students in the state completed the survey, which also asked adolescents whether they played any school-sponsored team sports (e.g., football) or individual sports (e.g. track).

Natural emissions and man-made pollutants have an unexpected effect; they make clouds brighter and have a cooling effect on the world's climate.

A quick primer: Clouds are made of water droplets, condensed on to tiny particles suspended in the air. When the air is humid enough, the particles swell into cloud droplets. It has been known for some decades that the number of these particles and their size control how bright the clouds appear from the top, controlling the efficiency with which clouds scatter sunlight back into space. A major challenge for climate science has been trying to understand and quantify these effects, which have a major impact in polluted regions.