What Can Pavlov's Dogs Tell Us About Drinking?

Montreal, May 25, 2016 -- Humans aren't much different from other animals. Just like Pavlov's dogs...

Zika Virus May Be Linked To More Eye Problems In Brazilian Babies With Microcephaly

SAN FRANCISCO - May 25, 2016 - Researchers studying babies with a Zika virus-related birth defect...

Current Atmospheric Models Underestimate The Dirtiness Of Arctic Air

Black carbon aerosols--particles of carbon that rise into the atmosphere when biomass, agricultural...

Money Back Guarantees For Non-reproducible Results?

There are better solutions to the "reproducibility crisis" in research, according to an editorial...

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The remains of newborn twin girls have been found in the archaeological site of Sant Miquel d'Olèrdola in Catalonia and it is expected that they belong to two girls between 38 and 40 weeks of gestation, who were buried at the same time in the same grave with their legs entwined.

The remains date between the middle of the 4th century B.C. to the beginning of the 2nd century B.C. and are the first bone remains of twins to be recorded in the Iberian peninsula.
If you think about it rationally, sex may be fun but it's too much work and, from a reproduction standpoint,  the payoff is uncertain. Scientists have speculated for a long time on why all living things don't simply make like amoebas and split.

Scientists believe that sexual reproduction offers two big advantages: It can sweep bad mutations out of the gene pool more quickly. Also, by shuffling parents' genetic material each generation, it increases the likelihood that new genetic combinations will arise that help organisms adapt to their environment.
Conservatives give more money to charity, studies show. This makes some sense; liberals believe in sharing wealth already and advocate policies reflecting that while conservatives advocate smaller government and greater individual initiative.

But why do people in those political groups give to one cause over another? According to a new analysis in the International Journal of Research in Marketing: Special Issue on Consumer Identities, the values of their political affiliation are more important than the charity itself.
The word 'lunacy' is derived from the longheld belief that people act a little crazier during a full moon.  We know the moon - Luna - effects us, its gravitational pull creates ocean tides and many ancient cultures thought it could also affect our health or state of mind.

While there is no link between the moon and human lunacy, spacecraft and computer simulations reveal that the moon does indeed have the cosmic kind; a far-reaching, invisible influence on the solar wind.
Oppressed people under attack in the War Against Smokers may have a new defender - science. 
A specific antioxidant supplement containing N-Acetylcysteine, or NAC may be an effective therapy for some features of autism, according to a pilot trial from the Stanford University School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital that involved 31 children with the disorder.