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Surgery of any kind is a drastic step, especially for preventable conditions such as obesity, but a new study on gastric bypass surgery in obese rats also showed a decreased preference for sweet-tasting substances, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers. 
Some males give back too - even when it comes to sex.

Male worms plug females after copulation as a form of 'gift', a nice gesture, rather than to prevent them from mating again, as most had previously been thought, according to researchers writing in Frontiers in Zoology who found that plugged females mated just as often and were just as attractive as those who were unplugged, and that plugging ultimately improved female fitness.

Mating plugs have been documented for a broad range of animal groups, including insects, arachnids, reptiles, and rodents. In the worms studied, plugs consist of gelatinous mass deposited by the male onto the female's vulva at the end of copulation, which then hardens like glue.
Children who participate in oral sex in the 9th grade will be having intercourse by the 11th, according to results of a new survey conducted by researchers at UC San Francisco and UC Merced.   Solution: Sex education should include oral sex, they conclude.

With results likely to shore up opposition to having sex education in schools at all, the study debunks the notion that oral sex acts as a protective measure delaying the onset of further sexual activity.   Study results are published online by the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and will appear in the March 2011 print issue of the journal.
In what will be a puzzle for the segments of society that claim everything is about race and racism, a new study by Harvard and UCLA sociologists shows, that at least among the current generation in college, race is a non-issue in Facebook friendships.

Of course, some Facebook friendships result from the social pressures of being in a polite society - if someone requests to be an online friend, they are likely to get it and the results showed the tendency to reciprocate a friendly overture is seven times stronger than any perceived attraction of a shared racial background.

Black Hat Abu Dhabi, running from the November 8th - 11th at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, will discuss some of the major security concerns faced by the IT world - and even demonstrate them live. 

1950s horror movies were primarily irradiated monsters but they also contained a bit of a cultural slam - the heroes were often scientists but they were battling other scientists who were often not even evil, just in love with their data.    Science was the problem because it did not concern itself with ethics, was the mentality - it was even more confusing than that good Jedi versus bad Jedi stuff (really, since the 'Dark Side' had more power and was much easier and mostly meant taking orders from some old guy and not much actual evil, why wouldn't anyone choose the so-called Dark Side?) but it lent itself to philosophical discussions.