Surrender Your Booty! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day
    By Hank Campbell | September 19th 2009 12:53 PM | 4 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Ahoy maties, how the time flies. It is "Talk Like A Pirate Day" once again and the science communities be awash in pirattitude.

    Or not, perhaps 'tis just me.

    But if it's not just me, and the little Buccaneer in you is also seeking others to celebrate with and to find out more information on this important event, abandon all hope ye who blog here because I just don't have a lot more than you could find in 4 seconds of a Google search.

    Talk Like A Pirate Day began, so the legends go, in 1995, when John 'Ol Chumbucket' Baur and Mark 'Cap'n Slappy' Summers' were engaging in a friendly game of tenpins or raquetball or whatever it is pirates do and one of them yelled "Arrrgh!" in pain. A holiday was born.

    So it was September 19th, 1995, you ask? Not at all, but that was Summers' ex-wife's birthday, reason enough to cause him pain, and it was the only day on the calendar that didn't already have something important happening, like 'What if Cats&Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day?' (March 3rd) or Happy Brandied Fruit Day (October 20th).

    Yes, "Chase’s Calendar of Events" has more than 12,000 awareness days, which is tough to fit into a year containing only 365 days. So they took what they could get.

    "Talk Like A Pirate Day" first came to my attention because Fount Of All important Wisdom Dave Barry wrote about it and at least 8 other people now feel the same way, so every year we celebrate by making meaningless pirate-related blog posts and using phrases it is reasonably certain no actual pirates ever used.

    So join with me. Here are some handy catchphrases:

    "Surrender your booty" (of course, but use this judiciously)

    "Would you like to haul some keel?" (ditto)

    Okay, they are all to be used judiciously, namely not at work or at home to anyone except that one person you should be saying them to...

    Actually, just stick with "aye", arrrrgh!" and "ahoy matey" - I refuse to be responsible for your relationships.

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    Hatice Cullingford
    Ahoy...Arrr.. Hoist the colors. Arrr.
    Jeff Sherry
    Aye laddie...up to me scuppers in rum, puts me in the mood to listen to Tom Sullivan's "On Deck and Below" the Irish at sea chanties LP...
    Splice the mainbrace me hearties, 'tis a bucanneering bonanza!  Avast ye landlubbers - and ye swabs willn't drink a health to me crew, 'tis the black spot for ye!
    Christina Znidarsic
    I was very disappointed by my community.  I wore a spiffy pirate dress all day and yarrghed and avasted and threatened to hoist people by their petards and not one person tried to get me to surrender my booty.  :D  Oh well.  The yarg was delicious, and I got some mead to boot(y)!