Robert Zubrin's Credible Proposal to Save the ISS From Destruction.

Robert Zubrin, a great Aerospace Engineer and advocate for human space exploration, has a credible...

The Northern Lights Seen As Far South As Arizona. G5 Magnetic Storm To Continue Through Sunday.

The northern lights as one would expect and see them if they were in the frozen reaches of Canada...

DEI Without Compromise: Embracing Diversity in the LISA Global Scientific Collaboration. A ESA NASA Project.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have become buzzwords often debated within the United States...

Avi Loeb And Aliens: The Right And Wrong of Science Funding. (Also Bing Image Search Brings up Porno When you Search for him)

Avi Loeb he prolific Harvard astrophysicist, dances on the edge of cosmic controversy. His research...

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My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and raised in Chicagoland I have lived in Bellwood, IL since 1984 and attended public schools here... Read More »

I have just completed the first in a series of youtube video's on quantum theory. This one deal with quantum states. In these video's I attempt to explain quantum mechanics in a way that anyone who has graduated high school could understand. The maths will never be more complicated than geometry and algebra and the language will be kept simple. However even with that I think that a basic apprectiation for quantum theory (not just certain sexy phenomena) can be attained. If anyof you see any glaring errors please feel free to chime in a correct me here on on you tube.
To day I have posted my innagural you tube video. It is the introduction to my little channel where I will produce and post some videos where I explain Quantum Mechanics to people in a simple and understandable way. At least I hope it will be understandable. This is just an introduction to me. I will cover the topics of kets, bra's, ket spaces, Hilbert spaces, operators on hilbert spaces, measurement, and Finally present the axioms of quantum mechanics.

This essay is all about how society perceives scientist. From many different perspectives. I ask and try to answer the question. Why does science hold interest for so few people?


Do a quick google search of the terms stereotypes of scientist. What you will find is many links about various studies. They speak of the pictures that children draw when they think of a scientist. Consider the following: [1]

Quantum gravity can be understood by considering the logical consqquences of a single unifying postulate or principle of nature. I call it the postulate of quantized space time. First some observations. The Gravitational force seems to pervade the entire universe. However gravity is the weakest of all the forces in the entire universe. To get a easily measurable force of gravity there needs to be a planetary or larger mass nearby. So any theory of quantum gravity must require a large amount of mass to create a small effect in space time. Gravity also seems to be an exclusively attractive force. It also has only monopole and quadrupole moments. The lowest radiative gravitational moment is the quadrupole moment.

"The science of gender bending and transsexualism"(1) has been and probably always will be controversial.  In this composition I will examine how that controversey usually plays out.  In short their are two points of view.  Call them science through dark colored glasses.  Where everything is about and directly related to sexuality (i.e. BBL theory or even Benjamin's work).  Then there is science through rose colored glasses.  Where nothing about being a transsexual has anything to do with sex....even though the theory they like is all about the "wiring" of the sexual centers of the brain.