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Feeling no pain: plants were first to let it happen

Age of Herbals somewhere  during  1565 in this part of globe saw many medical man searching...

Sitopaladi churna is an ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold

Sitopaladi churna is an ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold and sneezing nose. A little portion...

Ethnobotany and Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi)

The term 'ethnobotany' was first applied by Harshberger in 1895 to the study of plants used by...

Gene, gene expression, gene silencing and RNAi

Gene Expression?–What is a Gene?A gene codes for a homogeneous ‘functional unit’ – classically...

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Professor Emeritus ,Former Head of the Department of Botany, and Director Life Sciences, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. 302004, India At present freelance consultant with Bioenergia. Spain and... Read More »

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University of Rajasthan, which was the only university founded in the State of Rajputana in 1946 and is now known as Rajasthan, was meant for the entire Rajasthan population of around 20 million. Its constitution was framed in 1946 based on Gurukul philosophy;  the king will support education but not interfere in its functioning. Hence the highest body of the University i.e. syndicate, shall have 4 Government representative and one Director of College education and the rest will be from amongst the University system. 
There is debate on whether global warming is taking place or not ? On World Environment day CHEC India organised valuable national seminar under leadership of President Professor H. S. Sharma. 
 A visit to Punjab made any one happy . The prime reason has always been  to see canals, good roads, hardworking people, basic cleanliness. Chandigarh  a  Union Territory  represents all of Punjab, Haryana and even HP . While waiting for a flight at Chandigarh I saw the news paper report about Punjab. Experts of PAU have reported (Daily Post Monday 4th June) ground water table is being lowered in the last one and half years at an alarming rate and state is facing acute shortage of water now.
Are Pine trees major source of forest fires ? Its people who burn trees. Recently I had a chance to visit Solan and read a local news paper. A news item in The Tribune Chandigarh date June 3rd 2012 reported a statement of forest official that Pine trees are responsible for forest fires. According to the Conservator of Forest Dharamshala circle Pine trees are major source of forest fires. According to him and some of his “ experts” the Governmane should ban future plantation of pine trees in the mid Himalayan region. This would reduce the percentage of Pine forest. What a solution to this problem. This is just like cutting the nose to spite the face.
Groundwater is a valuable natural resource for various human activities (Prasad and Narayana, 2004). Natural contaminants such as fluoride, nitrate, and chloride salts are increasing in ground water of Rajasthan making it unfit for drinking and posing risk to health. Apart from the problem of water shortage, the huge amount of wastewaters discharged in the environment by the ever-growing industrial activities of the last century, has raised serious environmental concerns about water pollution.