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A Cool Rare Decay

By and large, particle physicists confronted with the need to awe and enthuse an audience of laypersons...

Move Over - The Talk I Will Not Give

Last week I was in Amsterdam, where I attended the first European AI for Fundamental Physics...

Shaping The Future Of AI For Fundamental Physics

From April 30 to May 3 more than 300 researchers in fundamental physics will gather in Amsterdam...

On Rating Universities

In a world where we live hostages of advertisement, where our email addresses and phone numbers...

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Tommaso Dorigo is an experimental particle physicist, who works for the INFN at the University of Padova, and collaborates with the CMS and the SWGO experiments. He is the president of the Read More »

What is multithreading? It is the use of multiple processors to perform tasks in parallel by a single computer program. I have known this simple fact for over thirty years, but funnily enough I never explored it in practice. The reason is fundamentally that I am a physicist, not a computer scientist, and as a physicist I tend to stick with a known skillset to solve my problems, and to invest time in more physics knowledge than software wizardry. You might well say I am not a good programmer altogether, although that would secretly cause me pain. I would answer that while it is certainly true that my programs are ugly and hard to read, they do what they are supposed to do, as proven by a certain record of scientific publications. 
Wait a minute - why is an article about automatic differentiation labeled under the "Physics" category? Well, I will explain that in a minute. First of all, let me explain what automatic differentiation is. 
Computing derivatives of functions is a rather error-prone job. Maybe it is me, but if you give me a complex function where the dependence on a variable is distributed in several sub-functions, I am very likely to find N different results if I do it N times. Yes, I am 57 years old, and I should be handling other things and leave these calculations to younger lads, I agree. 
Although researchers in fundamental science have a tendency to "stick to what works" and avoid disruptive innovations until they are shown to be well-tested and robust, the recent advances in computer science leading to the diffusion of deep neural networks, ultimately stemming from the large increases in performance of computers of the past few decades (Moore's law), cannot be ignored. And they haven't - the 2012 discovery of the Higgs boson, for instance, heavily used machine learning techniques to improve the sensitivity of the acquired particle signals in the ATLAS and CMS detectors.
Summer = Work

Summer = Work

Jul 21 2023 | comment(s)

Summer is supposedly a period where people take it a tad easier, spend some vacation time away from anything that is work-related, and "tune out" of the deadlines and rythms of daily work activities that dominate their existence at other times of the year. 
One of the things that keeps me busy these days is the organization of a collective publication by a number of experts in artificial intelligence and top researchers in all areas of scientific investigation. I will tell you more of that project at another time, but today I wish to share with you the first draft of a short introduction I wrote for it. I am confident that it will withstand a number of revisions and additions, so by the time we will eventually publish our work, the text will be no doubt quite different from what you get to read here, which makes me comfortable about pre-publishing it.
Find The Move

Find The Move

Jun 24 2023 | comment(s)

Blitz games on the internet are a lot of fun, if you love chess as I do. Perhaps a good share of the fun is due to the complete chaos that may arise, when you have few seconds left on the clock and decisions have to be taken instantly. But sometimes you may happen to play correct chess, too. It is exceedingly rare, and when it happens it is a good indication that you have been able to hold on to clear strategic ideas leading your play into the correct decisions.