Seals Happy About Global Warming Sea Ice Loss

Though the developed world is concerned about greenhouse gas emissions implicated in climate change...

Stem Cells Get Practical - Liposuction And Breast Enhancement All At Once

There was once a controversy about human embryonic stem cell research - former president Bush put...

Everything I Need To Know About Science I Learned From Watching "The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra"

It's not often you can boil down complicated abstract ideas about science or culture into simple...

Can I Back Order My Mr. Fusion Now?

If you were a young-ish science student in the mid-1980s there are two movies that remain in your...

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Stop calling it the God Particle. Please.
Buy USB rechargeable batteries. I don't know how well they work but they will make you feel better.
This anthropology student talks about why he blogs and he doesn't even mention our site. We don't have a featured anthropologist but I think the editors do a pretty good job making sure there is content. Someone, find us an anthropologist.
I just saw that Jeremy Bruno is over on ScienceBlogs. We used to have a good time corresponding on my personal site. We'll forgive him for not writing here - they have swanky offices and VC money so they pay better. :)

It's no secret that Europeans enjoy new ways to tax people - if they can tell you they are doing it for your own good, so much the better.

I often hear arguments that start with phrases like "If we we can save even one life doing ( insert your pet cause here), it's worth it" but is there a limit to how much society wants to spend to save a life?

A study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health says the UK could save the lives of 3,200 people if they taxed more foods.

I have always loved numbers. My whole life I have manipulated them, caressed them, cared for them.

My friends, I am a six fiend.

And I am not alone. Heck, even among physics gurus I am in pretty good company, including notables such as Paul A.M. Dirac, which, by the way, is his real name and not something he made up just for D&D. That guy lived for number correlations.