Seals Happy About Global Warming Sea Ice Loss

Though the developed world is concerned about greenhouse gas emissions implicated in climate change...

Stem Cells Get Practical - Liposuction And Breast Enhancement All At Once

There was once a controversy about human embryonic stem cell research - former president Bush put...

Everything I Need To Know About Science I Learned From Watching "The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra"

It's not often you can boil down complicated abstract ideas about science or culture into simple...

Can I Back Order My Mr. Fusion Now?

If you were a young-ish science student in the mid-1980s there are two movies that remain in your...

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Who knew that the sex lives of African bat bugs could be so interesting? Males with female genitalia, female bugs with 'paragenitals' on their abdomens that guide the males to the right spot by basically impaling them if they mess up, males trying to impregnate males.

It's Extreme Transexualism, coming soon to a species near you.

Why is it necessary in these bugs? Males tend to get overanxious and just start stabbing away anywhere in the abdomen but they really need to go into a special warm place that some men on the internet know nothing about - though it's still in their abdomen, in the case of female bat bugs.

Why cultivate stem cells when maybe you can regrow your own organs?

Yes, your favorite color is blue. Most of you, anyway. Except some women, who go for the redder part of the red-green axis.

A lot of science sites got a press release from Current Biology and went with the "women do prefer pink" headline without even reading the abstract much less the actual article, which is why you're smart enough to read about it here instead. In fact, if you read a story today that had "Girls prefer pink ..." somewhere in it, you can guess some journalist phoned that one in.

I just found this snarky sorta science site, Cocktail party physics. Give it a look!

"It's hard finding the perfect woman," my friend Jack said to me.

"What do you mean?" I asked.