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There's a problem in all of the climate predictions people have made over the last few years - we just don't know who to trust. Some experts remind us that since we can't predict the weather more than 10 days from now making economy-shattering policy decisions on such incomplete science is a bad idea. One prominent politician says he took a random sample of all the climate studies out there and that 928 out of 12,000 articles agreed with him, so he must be right. How are we to know?

Global warming is more politics than science and I don't want to get into whether it is happening or not, or how much, because that's not science, it's advocacy no matter what I say.

Why haven't we talked Jack Heinemann into writing here yet??? “The industrial gene is one that can be defined, owned, tracked, proven acceptably safe, proven to have uniform effect, sold and recalled,” said Jack Heinemann, a professor of molecular biology in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and director of its Center for Integrated Research in Biosafety. A Challenge to Gene Theory, a Tougher Look at Biotech
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There aren't many people who will claim that the government is here to help you and they will save you money, but Chris Cooper and Benjamin Sovacool are doing just that. Cooper is Senior Policy Director, Network for New Energy Choices while Sovacool is a Senior Research Fellow and teaches in the Government and International Affairs program at Virginia Tech.

They recently completed a study advocating a national energy policy mandating renewable energy.

There's a war that's brewing and you may not be aware of it. It's right under our noses but it has been kept out of the mainstream media due to a growing web of deniers and obfuscaters who regard misinformation and doubt as allies. Like many insurrections it has been funded quietly but it's effects can be devastating to people in the war zones, like the line that stretches out the door at Tully's.

That war, my friends, is the War On Coffee.

Coffee is good. Coffee is good for you. Science has proved this on numerous occasions yet time and again I see sources in the mainstream media trying to establish doubt about the total awesomeness of coffee.

In California, you can't smoke a cigar in Morton's Of Chicago after a great steak any more. It's too dangerous to the health of the waitresses and waiters. Legislators have recently tried to institute carseats practically until children are teenagers because of concerns about their safety.

Yet some adult film performers are put at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases because their employers prohibit the use of condoms.

If employers won't protect them, is it time to regulate the porn industry?

The San Fernando Valley in California generates about $1 billion annually in revenue. Nationwide, porn revenues are in the neighborhood of $12 billion.