Seals Happy About Global Warming Sea Ice Loss

Though the developed world is concerned about greenhouse gas emissions implicated in climate change...

Stem Cells Get Practical - Liposuction And Breast Enhancement All At Once

There was once a controversy about human embryonic stem cell research - former president Bush put...

Everything I Need To Know About Science I Learned From Watching "The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra"

It's not often you can boil down complicated abstract ideas about science or culture into simple...

Can I Back Order My Mr. Fusion Now?

If you were a young-ish science student in the mid-1980s there are two movies that remain in your...

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It confuses some people that I can be an environmentalist and a Republican. It's confusing because Democrats are handed a checklist of "coalition of the oppressed" platforms they have to believe in, so they don't understand picking and choosing positions based on logic and common sense.

Republicans don't much care if you are for ice-picking fetus skulls or paying high taxes, as long as you have an oil well in your backyard and all of your TV channels parent-blocked except Fox News.

I read an article in Men's Health talking about how women get aroused during exercises.

Specifically, hanging leg raises. "Coregasm" they called it, because some women can, apparently, have an orgasm while doing these exercises.

A 'broken heart' is not just a period of emotional sadness. In some cases it is a traumatic physical event.

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is informally known as 'broken heart syndrome' because it often occurs due to an emotional or physical shock. It almost always happens to women and patients are typically in a critical state during the first 48 hours.

Astronaut Walter M. "Wally" Schirra Jr., one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and the only man to fly on all three of NASA's early space missions, has died at the age of 84, a NASA official confirmed Thursday.

Schirra, who commanded the first rendezvous of two spacecraft in orbit, died of natural causes, according to NASA.

"We have spoken with his family and we can confirm he did die of natural causes.

If you're a communist dictatorship, the solution for pollution is simple - you ban driving.

They did just that during the Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation from Nov. 4-6, 2006 and it might be an indicator for what they will do during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Chinese commuters make their way in heavy smog in Beijing in this December 14, 2004 file photo. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause/Files