Forensic Science: Maria Ridulph Murder Is Oldest Cold Case Solved To-Date
    By Hank Campbell | September 16th 2012 11:30 AM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    The date for solving 'cold cases', those unsolved murders from the past, has just been pushed back a little farther.  72-year-old Jack McCullough has been found guilty <edit after a DNA breakthrough placed him at the scene of the abduction of seven-year-old Maria Ridulph in 1957.

    McCullough, 18 at the time, was initially considered a suspect but was out thanks to an alibi, which turns out to have been fabricated. Maria's remains were exhumed from her grave in July 2011 so that modern-day forensic scientists could try to find DNA evidence to implicate McCullough that could not be detected in 1958. 

    McCullough was indicted on one count of child sexual assault and four counts of indecent liberties with a child in October last year according to the Illinois State Police and the Dekalb County State's Attorney's Office. The victim had told investigators that McCullough raped her when she was 14 in Sycamore, the statement said. He was convicted of unlawful communication over his interaction with the girl and fired from his job with the police in Milton, Washington.

    Guilty! Former police officer, 72, convicted of the abduction and murder of 7-year-old 'Pretty Maria' after 55 YEARS . . . the longest cold case in history - Daily Mail


    This information is wrong. There was no DNA breakthrough. The conviction was based on testimony from a witness and several jailhouse informants. Please fix this!

    You are correct, they exhumed the body to conduct the DNA tests but they are not completed yet.  I agree that the debunked alibi of a child rapist and sister rapist in conjunction with eywitness testimony is not as solid as it would be with DNA evidence - nor is having the same first name and matching the clothes of the person who disappeared with the child.  But it looks bad.
    Hank, They actually had zero (and I mean zero, not a small amount, but zero) evidence in this case outside of his sister's testimony, and out of three jail house snitches. The only "science" involved with this case was the polygraph test Mr. McCullough took back in 1957 related to the abduction. Oh, and he passed that test, and was written off as a suspect by the FBI.

    So he didn't do anything he was ever accused of (accusations of new stuff continued to happen after he changed his identity), the police fired him because of PR concerns and the DA railroaded him and a jury did too?
    Hank, he was found guilty of stabbing a seven year in the throat three times. There is zero evidence for that. If wrong, please let me know what the evidence is. He was investigated by the FBI in 1957, including a polygraph test, and verification by three military officer about his where abouts. You are a man of science, would you lien towards believing a polygraph test, or a person who wrote a memoir on her "repressed memories" she regained through four years of theropy, four day a week? Or three jail house inmates, all telling different stories? Or the eye witness who did not identify him 50 years ago when she WAS shown his picture by the FBI, but can now?? Hank, you tell me what the evidence is that proves the case to you, as a man of science, and I will be satisfied.