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    Anyone can Dance
    By Anirudha Lakshmin... | October 27th 2010 10:51 PM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    I believe that anyone can dance.  

    If anyone can walk, definitely they can dance. Body has a rhythm sense. Just observe that we walk in a particular rhythm which is involuntary. Nobody taught us to keep steps at equal intervals of time and distance. Still we manage to do that all the time.

    So, walking can be considered as the simplest form of dancing. Respiration and heartbeat also follow a rhythm. Humans have incorporated dance as part of their lifestyle. 

    The natives get together and sing and dance to celebrate life. 

    Urban people no longer do that, partying cant be considered equivalent to the social dancing of natives. Music and Dance makes raises the energy level in oneself. Every family should get together once a week and dance as a sign of celebration and joy. You need not be an expert in dancing but if you just concentrate on the music and go deep enough you will realize that your body will start moving spontaneously.

    I have been dancing for the past 18 years and the joy that this has given me cannot be described in words. So, Dance alone and Dance in a group and connect to yourself and with others.


    There's certainly something to it.   Everyone loves to do the chicken dance at American weddings and when an Indian friend was getting married, my only question was if there would be cool group dancing like in those Bollywood movies (answer; no, they all wanted to dance like Americans).

    Dancing for dummies, indeed!
    Ha Ha. Hank, if you attend a north Indian wedding in India you will find people doing some Indian dance too in groups, Bollywood included. Also, people prepare for some bollywood dance numbers and give a performance. But South Indian weddings are devoid of any dancing. For me  it does'nt matter which style I am dancing, I love it all.