For Valentine's Day, Capture The Heart Of The Rosette Nebula

The Rosette Nebula is located in the Milky Way Galaxy roughly 5,000 light-years from us and is...

Mycroft Mark II - Artificial Intelligence Goes Open Source In A Voice Enabled Assistant

If you have used voice-enabled speaker devices like the Amazon Echo, which for some reason goes...

Organic Peat Moss Is Unsustainable And Harmful - Biochar Could Save The Day

Plant lovers love peat moss, it is the major component of potting mix and popular in greenhouses...

FDA Study Concludes The Supplement Kratom Is An Opioid

Though unusually ethically suspect supplement merchants have been marketing kratom, an analgesic...

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Lulu, the iOS and Android app for reviewing and objectifying men, had a good first week, reaching the Top 20 in the U.S App. store with over 100,000 downloads. 

 On Lulu, girls anonymously ridicule and rate men on appearance, humor, manners, ambition, first kiss, sex, and commitment. So if you want to know if that guy you met has a #CleanBathroom or is #CheaperThanABigMac, this is for you. 

Like 75 percent of online gamers, it helps to at least pretend to be a woman. If you admit to being a man, or your Facebook login is a man, you get the rejection: "Dude, you're a dude." Perhaps due to keeping out icky men, so far people are being nice. The worst condemnation a man can get, though, is an ex-girlfriend saying he is a keeper...for someone else. 

Like the term 'junk DNA', the idea of 'primitive' reflexes is contextually confusing to some people outside biology. In reality, after millions of years of evolution, even a primitive reflex is sophisticated. 

New satellite images show that the ozone hole over Antarctica in 2012 was the smallest seen in the past decade. Long-term observations show that Earth’s ozone has been strengthening. The ozone sensor on Europe’s MetOp weather satellite continues the long-term monitoring of atmospheric ozone started by its predecessors on the ERS-2 and Envisat satellites. 

Genome sequences of seven well-studied ant species give researchers a detailed look at molecular mechanisms - including what may be a basis for complex behavioral differences in two worker castes in the Florida carpenter ant, Camponotus floridanus - basically, epigenetics. 

Which is more important, feeling close to your romantic partner or whether you are as close as you want to be, even if that's really not close at all? 

Outside the social sciences, the answer is obvious. But in social psychology, it is a paper in time for Valentine's Day. Let's go to the surveys.

New data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory suggest a highly distorted supernova remnant  called W49B may contain the most recent black hole formed in the Milky Way galaxy.

appears to be the product of a rare explosion in which matter is ejected at high speeds along the poles of a rotating star and is about a thousand years old (as seen from Earth) and is located about 26,000 light-years away. 

Usually when a massive star runs out of fuel, the central region of the star collapses, triggering a chain of events that quickly culminate in a supernova explosion. Most of these explosions are generally symmetrical, with the stellar material blasting away more or less evenly in all directions.