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Not all isolated stem cells are equally valid in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering - only a specific group of cord blood stem cells (CB-SC) maintained in culture are useful for therapeutic purposes, say researchers in a new paper.

At present,  cord blood stem cells
 - adult stem cells - are key to regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. From all types of
cord blood stem cells
those called "Wharton's jelly stem cells" (HWJSC) have piqued the interest of specialists in regenerative medicine at the University of Granada and Alcalá de Henares University, because of their accessibility and ability to develop into several types of tissue and modulate immune responses.

The debris disk around nearby star Fomalhaut and a mysterious planet may be clues to a titanic planetary disruption in the system. 

The debris belt is wider than previously believed, spanning a section of space from 14 to 20 billion miles from the star. And it seems the planet follows an unusual elliptical orbit that carries it on a potentially destructive path through the vast dust ring. The planet, Fomalhaut b, swings as close to its star as 4.6 billion miles, and the outermost point of its orbit is 27 billion miles away from the star, according to recalculations made from newer Hubble observations made last year. 

Doctors and scientists will rightly note that, in every study ever done on weight loss, 100% of participants who consumed fewer calories than they burned lost weight. Exercise helps in multiple ways, but in weight loss it helps burn the calories.

A survey of psychologists finds they believe something additional; they say dieters should pay attention to the role emotions play in weight gain and loss if they hope to succeed in the physical two. The survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center asked 1,328 psychologists how they dealt with clients' weight and weight loss challenges.  306 of the respondents provide weight loss counseling. 

The dramatic increase in obesity over the past few decades has been tightly associated with an increase in obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Of course, it's also been associated with a change in the definition of obesity in that period. In  1912 the perfect woman was determined to be 5'7" tall, with measurements of 35-30-40 and weighing in at 171 lbs., but there is no denying the developed world is getting fatter in an unhealthy way. 

17 percent of all sun-like stars have planets one to two times the diameter of Earth orbiting close to their host stars, according to a team of astronomers who created their estimate based on an analysis of the first three years of data from NASA's Kepler mission. Thousands of potential exoplanets have been detected, which is good news for those searching for habitable worlds outside our solar system. 

For decades, the consensus among psychologists has held that a group of five personality traits - openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism - are a universal feature of human psychology.

Not so, say anthropologists writing in the  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.