Third Non-Browning Arctic Apple Approved By USDA

The third non-browning Arctic apple variety - yes, using science - the Arctic Fuji, has been approved...

Ground Squirrels Use The Sun To Hide Food

Jamie Samson and Marta Manser from the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental 1Studies...

Alzheimer's Beginnings Prove To Be A Sticky Situation

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Laser technology has revealed a common trait of Alzheimer's disease - a...

Saying Sorry Not Enough When Trust, Gender Roles Broken, Just Ask Clinton And Trump

TORONTO, September 12, 2016 - Public figures such as United States presidential candidates Hilary...

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Want to help unlock the secrets of magnetism at the molecular scale without getting a PhD in physics? A citizen science project entitled Feynman’s Flowers lets volunteers from across the world analyze microscope images of individual molecules, which have characteristic flower shapes. Anyone can take part, and only a few clicks of the computer mouse are required to collect valuable information.
A new prostate cancer awareness survey found widespread misconceptions about the disease and says the emotional impact on men is underestimated.

The physical effects of prostate cancer are widely known but men know more myths than facts about how prevalent it is and what could happen. Janssen Biotech, Inc. has released the results of its "Mind Over Manhood: Misconceptions About Prostate Cancer" survey and it reveals a significant gap between the facts about prostate cancer and what men believe about the disease.

In the past, the stereotypes of autism often included a savant capability in some specific thing. A new look at eight child 'prodigies' suggests there may actually be a link between the children's special skills and autism. 

Or, people who are really good at some things tend to develop less socially. 

Of the eight prodigies they looked at, three had a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and as a group, the prodigies tended to have slightly elevated scores on a test of autistic traits  compared to the control group. Half of the prodigies had a family member or a first- or second-degree relative with an autism diagnosis.

In its third century, psychological science will come of age but a mature discipline carries with it responsibilities, chief among them the responsibility to maximize confidence in findings through good data practices and replication.

In the recent issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science (free to read), writers reflect on the discipline's ongoing commitment to examine methodological issues that affect all areas of science — such as failures to replicate previous findings and problems of bias and error — with the goal of strengthening the discipline and contributing to the discussion that is taking place throughout science.
Most people can't read lips. If you turn down the sound on your television, you can see why it is difficule. Unless trained, if you see someone speak a sentence without the accompanying sounds, you are unlikely to recognize many words but it turns out people can lip-read themselves better than they can lip-read others, and that shows an interesting link between speech perception and speech production.
Should child care providers be tasked with childhood obesity too? 

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys found that over 21% of children ages 2 to 5 were considered overweight or even obese.  That has led some advocates to posit that child care settings can tackle teaching children about nutrition, since nearly 50% of children in the United States under age 5 go to some kind of child care.