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Nitrate-Reducing Microbes Linked To Migraine Headaches

Researchers have found an association between migraines and microbes that reduce nitrates. Analyzing...

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NASA's Cassini mission has spotted a second feature shaped like the 1980s video game icon Pac-Man, this time on Saturn's moon Tethys.The pattern appears in thermal data obtained by Cassini's composite infrared spectrometer, with warmer areas making up the Pac-Man shape.

A new substance class for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases now promises increased efficacy paired with fewer side effects. To achieve this, a team of scientists have combined two already approved pharmaceutical substances with each other using a chemical linker structure.

A researcher has discovered a critical reason why women experience fertility problems as they get older. The solution could be simple — putrescine water.

Putrescine is naturally produced in mammals by an enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) and is easily absorbed and cleared by the body. In female mammals, ODC levels are known to rise during ovulation, when the egg cell matures and is released from the ovary.  Dr. Johné Liu, a senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and professor at the University of Ottawa, has shown that ODC levels rise very little in older females. He has also shown that inhibiting ODC levels in young mice leads to an increase in egg cells with chromosomal defects. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms recently parsed 2.5 million articles from 498 different English-language (online) news outlets over a period of ten months and created data about what was contained.  Could AI qualitatively give people more interesting news?

The results showed what you likely knew - online tabloid newspapers are more readable than broadsheets and use more sentimental language. Among 15 U.S. and U.K. newspapers, The Sun was the 'easiest' to read - comparable to the BBC's children's news program, Newsround - while they found the The Guardian was the most difficult to read.

You can see the color white and you can hear white noise but you can also smell a white odor, says new research. 

When we see white, we are seeing a mixture of light waves of different wavelengths. The hum we call white noise is a combination of assorted sound frequencies but in both cases a stimulus must meet two conditions: The mix that produces them must span the range of our perception and each component must be present at the exact same intensity.

Both of these conditions can be met with odors, so as to produce a white smell - it just involves technical difficulties, like getting the intensities of all the scents to be identical. 

Psychologists from the University of Leicester have carried out eye tests to examine reading styles in young and old people and say there isn't just an eyesight issue - the way we read words changes as we grow older.

They digitally manipulated text, combined with precise measures of readers' eye movements, and say this provided new insight into how young and older adults use different visual cues during reading. Their experiments used precise measures of readers' eye movements to assess how well they read lines of text that had been digitally manipulated to enhance the salience of different visual information - sometimes the text was blurred and other times the features of the individual letters were sharply defined.