Plate Tectonics Without Jerking

The earthquake distribution on ultraslow mid-ocean ridges differs fundamentally from other spreading...

Little To No Association Between Butter Consumption And Chronic Disease Or Total Mortality

BOSTON (Embargoed until 2 PM EDT, June 29, 2016)--Butter consumption was only weakly associated...

Thinking 'I Can Do Better' Really Can Improve Performance, Study Finds

Telling yourself I can do better, can really make you do better at a given task, a study published...

The RNA That Snips And Stitches RNA

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is made up of exons and introns, that is, portions of genetic information...

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Nearly anything can be rationalized if the value is subscribed to an intangible like 'good will.' The Olympic Games are big business and generate substantial amounts of revenue for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through lucrative television contracts and corporate sponsorship - yet they lose money for the hosts.
Sex helps in multiple ways, it seems.  New research presented at The Gerontological Society of America's meeting, based on 2004 General Social Surveys, found that the more often older married individuals engage in sexual activity, the more likely they are to be happy with their lives and marriages.

Based on the survey responses of 238 married individuals age 65 years or older, the research showed that frequency of sexual activity was a significant predictor of both general and marital happiness. The association even remained after accounting for factors such as age, gender, health status, and satisfaction with financial situation.
Researchers have developed what they are billing as the world’s lightest material. With a density of 0.9 mg/cc, it is about one hundred times lighter than Styrofoam™. 

The new material redefines the limits of lightweight materials because of its unique “micro-lattice” cellular architecture, they say - consists of 99.99 percent air by designing the 0.01 percent solid at the nanometer, micron and millimeter scales.  The material’s architecture allows unprecedented mechanical behavior for a metal, including complete recovery from compression exceeding 50 percent strain and extraordinarily high energy absorption.

The development of simple tests to predict a leukemic relapse in young patients has come a step closer. Approximately 20 percent of young leukemia patients who are treated with stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood will experience leukemic relapse but new research findings published in Blood demonstrate that the blame falls partially on T cells, a subset of white blood cells. 

The researchers analyzed blood samples from young children who received an umbilical cord blood transplant for the treatment of blood disorders, including leukemia. They were particularly interested in studying the three to six month time period post-transplantation, when the children were most susceptible to both relapse and infection.

New research in Nature has a surprising conclusion; the impact of deforestation on global warming varies with latitude, which at least explains a frustrating lack of warming in the U.S. even though global warming has been measured higher overall.

The researchers calculated that north of Minnesota, or above 45 degrees latitude, deforestation was associated with an average temperature decrease of 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, deforestation south of North Carolina, or below 35 degrees latitude, appeared to cause warming. Statistically insignificant cooling occurred between these two latitudes.

Sheesh, it isn't even Thanksgiving but companies are already advertising Top Ten Lists?  When will it end? 

There are still 37 shopping days until Christmas but The Sunday Times already has its top ten gadgets of 2011 list up. Compiled by their technology panel, the results will also be featured in the inaugural Tech List supplement within the main newspaper this weekend. To coincide with the launch, consumer research was conducted looking at gadget and technology trends together with spending plans this Christmas.