Today's guess of the plot will be very poor of comments on my side, for reasons I will disclose in due time. Also, it is unfortunately a rather expert-only one, since it represents something that experts will surely recognize for its generalities, while only the details will probably remain mysterious to them.

I will be glad to read your guesses in the comments thread, which I hope will be plenty and insightful. Hopefully in a few days I will disclose what the plot represents.

UPDATE: In place of the plot, events force me to put in its place something else, for just a few hours. See below - the change is not dramatic, but what is added is probably giving a stronger hint than what is taken off.
Ettore Majorana was maybe the most brilliant student of Enrico Fermi, and an outstanding physicist. He disappeared on March 25th 1938 at the age of 32 years, under mysterious circumstances and leaving no trace behind. The hypothesis that he committed suicide appears weak in the face of his withdrawing a conspicuous amount of money from his bank on the eve of his disappearance -he had a rational mind and such an action would have made little sense. Other hypotheses include an escape to Argentina, and even a collaboration with the third reich in Germany, where he had previously worked -Majorana had expressed anti-jew ideas in the past.
The expansion of the universe should slow as time marches on, some even conjectured it would slow and then collapse again - that's what all that mass and its gravity in the universe should do.

But Hubble showed us distant supernovae in the 1990s and researchers realized the universe had actually been expanding slower in the past, not faster - and that was a pickle for current theory.   So researchers hypothesized Einstein's theory of gravity and a cosmological constant might account for it,  or some strange kind of energy-fluid filled space or Einstein's theory of gravity was wrong and a new one including some kind of field creates cosmic acceleration.    No one knew what it was, but they called this mystery Dark Energy.

Undecidability is weird, much weirder than quantum theory, which is benign by comparison. Let me give a simple example for something that may well be undecidable:

Take any natural number N. If it is even, divide it by two. If it is odd, then first multiply by three and add one before you also divide by two. This gives you a new number N1 which is either N/2 or (3N + 1)/2. Now repeat the same procedure over and over again, i.e. look at whether N1 is even or odd and get either N2 = N1/2 or - well you know what.

There are linear field equations of gravity called gravitomagnetism. It starts from the best starting place we have, general relativity. At the end of my talk last year at the 13th Eastern Gravity Meeting in Raleigh, someone asked me to compare gravitomagentism with my hypercomplex number gravity field equations. I knew they were different, but had not dived into that subject in detail. My talk this year at the 14th Eastern Gravity Meeting was a shop and compare between the two proposals. The blog will serve up the meat and potatoes of that talk at Princeton, Friday June 3, 2011, at 4:40pm.
I see people around very, very interested in what the CDF experiment has recently unearthed. I am talking, of course, of the jet-jet resonance candidate that they observe in their W+jets sample. A recent update of the previous result shows that the significance of the bump is just short of the coveted five-sigma: that is to say, for non-insiders, there is now a chance in two or three millions that the effect is due to a statistical fluke.
The creation, trapping and storage of antihydrogen atoms for up to 1,000 seconds not only represents the longest time period so far that antihydrogen has been captured, but it also brings us closer to answering the question, do matter and antimatter obey the same laws of physics?

Antimatter particles are routinely produced in particle accelerators as well as in space, but holding onto them, particularly the neutral ones, is difficult because antimatter and matter will annihilate on contact and conventional containers are made of matter.
If a particle satisfies the minimum mandated by the uncertainty relation and is subject to no force, the fuzziness of its momentum causes the fuzziness of its position to increase, while the fuzziness of its momentum remains the same. So the amount of information available for predicting the outcome of a momentum measurement remains the same, while the amount of information available for predicting the outcome of a position measurement decreases.
Last time I invited you to consider the following "game": Three "players" (Andy, Bob, and Charles) compete agains three "inter­roga­tors".

Two things can happen: either all players are asked for the value of X, or one player is asked for the value of X while the two other players are asked for the value of Y. The pos­sible values of X and Y are +1 and 1.

You know the James Randi Challenge right? James offers $1000000 to anyone that can demonstrate paranormal abilities under laboratory conditions. Well, today we have something big to announce: A very similar challenge (now officially on the archive here), but much easier to accomplish.

The rewards are immediate fame (in a few weeks from now if you like) and the reception of the Nobel prize in physics later on – no doubt about it.