The origin of physical dynamics and the reason of existence of special relativity are explored. This endeavour is started by analysing the logic of nature. Next, only mathematics is used in order to explore the dynamics of this model of physical reality.

The model that is described here annihilates the old reality and creates a new reality at each dynamic step. Hilbert space cannot treat dynamics. It contains nothing that supports dynamics.
"The only use I know of a confidence interval is to have confidence in it"

L. J. Savage, in "The foundations of statistical inference", Methuen, London (1962).
A week ago a meeting was held in Chamonix to discuss in detail the schedule for the near future of the Large Hadron Collider, and to take a decision on the schedule, in particular for 2012.
"Lotteries are a tax on people who are bad at math"



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"Call it entropy [..] nobody knows what entropy really is, so in a debate you will always have the advantage.” -- Von Neumann to Shannon.

Have a look at below picture. You see a binary pattern. This pattern is formed by a hexagonal pattern of empty (yellow) spots and blue disks. The pattern repeats. If you carefully inspection the figure, you will discover that the repeating unit consists of 31 spots (with 15 of these empty, and 16 occupied). Let's consider a simple question: How many bits do you need to fully specify the image displayed?
Just a quick post today, to show the invariant mass distirbution of pairs of opposite-sign muons collected by the ATLAS and CMS experiment. Such plots are incredibly rich in information, as they contain the signal of ten different resonant states, and allow one to figure out the masses and production rates that these particles have, as well as the resolution of the detectors. I have shown an early such plot by CMS some time ago, but now the graph has been updated to contain all the relevant data collected in 2010 by the detector.
An introduction of Dye sensitized solar cell Energy resources: As we know there are some ways to get energy so that electrical can be generated, like fossil fuel, solar power, nuclear power, wind power, tidal power, geothermal power etc.1 In all these resources, fossil fuel (including coal, oil and gas) has contributed a lot in the history, and even nowadays, it is the major energy resource for human being. However, this is not a renewable energy resource, and products from the burning of fossil fuel contribute to the pollution of the atmosphere. For the developments of our next generation, renewable and environment protective energy resources need to be developed.

First off an out of context Stephen Hawking quote that any successful science blog must have: “Could somebody please open the window?” The deeper significance of it is breathtaking – absolute genius.

Moreover, he actually may have said this while Lady Gaga passed outside of the window! Did Stephen Hawking, unconsciously informed by quantum holographic connection, want to initiate sex with Lady Gaga? Sex! Hawking! With Lady Gaga!?! I repeat – just to make sure you get it: effn Sex, Stephen fookn Hawking, and freaking Lady Gaga!

I just read with interest some slides portraying the situation of male/female differences in the employment at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the institute I myself work for. I do not wish to make a summary here, but just paste a graph which I find interesting. The graph compares male and female employment in the University with the one in the INFN, for corresponding levels of employment.
At PhyStat 2011, currently being held at CERN, talks are informal and the atmosphere is friendly, but I have heard very few jokes from the participants so far. Just a minute ago I witnessed what might be a pretty strong bid at the best joke of the conference.

Kyle Cranmer was showing results of very CPU-intensive calculations of renormalization-group equations used to derive measurable parameters of Supersymmetry from the value of basic parameters at a high-energy scale. He was mentioning that the original calculation used to take 720 CPU-days, but that they had found a series of shortcuts using neural networks, and the result was a huge improvement in speed: this was now a 1-minute calculation!