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Superbradyonic Vacuum And Quantum Entanglement

I was at the ICNFP 2015 Conference, spending two nights to prepare updated versions of two posters...

The Dynamical Origin Of Quantum Mechanics (I)

What can be really said about the physical origin and the ultimate nature of the properties of...

Are There Evidences For Cosmic Inflation? (II)

After the joint analysis by Planck, BICEP2 and Keck Array has been made public (arXiv:1502.00612)...

Are There Evidences For Cosmic Inflation? (I)

My post of July 22 « BICEP2 Data, CMB B-modes, Inflation, Alternative Cosmologies... (II) » already...

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Staff researcher at CNRS (France) in 1972-2013. Now leading the Cosmology Laboratory of the John Naisbitt University (Belgrade and Paris). For my work since 1995, see : Read More »