Noroviruses Could Soon Be Killed With A Hand-Held Cold Plasma Pistol

I am a firm believer that physics is the One Science To Rule Them All and can accomplish almost...

No, We Have Not Reached Peak Food

Peak Oil, which was supposed to have happened in 1992, set off the craze of declaring 'peak' everything...

Acceptance Of Evolution Is Far Higher Than Acceptance Of Other Biology

In American scientization of politics culture, evolution acceptance is a big deal, as is climate...

Outsourcing: 3 Ways To Stop Medical Research Brain Drain

Throughout the 20th century, medical research and public health science was primarily done by corporations...

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I'm the founder of Science 2.0®.

A wise man once said Darwin had the greatest idea anyone ever had. Others may prefer Newton or Archimedes. Probably no one ever said the WWW or Science... Read More »

Are blogs valuable?   They must be to science readers.  A Pew Research Center study shows that Old Media doesn't cover science very well, leaving a gap to be filled by bloggers, with 10X the science content.  And leadership.

They cite the "ClimateGate" East Anglia coverage, which was basically ignored by cheerleaders in science journalism until it took off in the blogosphere.   A week later, it gained traction in traditional media.

Blogs and Traditional Press science coverage
I have long told my more progressive brethren who have been happy about overarching judicial decisions they happened to like that activism is a double-edged sword.   Certainly it's reasonable to 'cross that bridge' when society gets to it, but until then the repercussions are substantial.

In the instance of an injunction on embryonic stem cell research being upheld, it's not evil Republicans sticking it to stem cell research, though I have long contended they never did by simply restricting the human embryonic stem cell kind anyway - that law was signed by Clinton.  Instead, it is a court and we have 50 solid years of aggressive judicial good works that has gone well beyond interpreting the Constitution, making it the most powerful branch of government.
Digg founder Kevin Rose cheerfully responds to the mountains of criticism around the newly launched Digg 4. His overall theme is that users need to deal with it.
I just learned about this today so I am passing the info along.   Why mention it?  One of the riders is Pete Schleider, who is the lead outside investor in Science 2.0.  He's a modest, compassionate guy who obviously cares about society and only mentioned it in an email this morning, but this is a terrific cause so I am passing the info along, with details on how to donate/sponsor if you are inclined.

Ride the Divide for Wounded Warriors is an event for the charity Healing American Heroes, which is devoted to helping those that were wounded serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  100% of the money these gents are raising is for charity.
As mentioned, I had a chance to break some bread with uber-Geek book author Garth Sundem a few days back and posted a Bloggy pic.   But, as is common, we took more than one to try and get it right.  So below is the pic I posted from my article and then down farther is an 'outtake' that didn't make the cut.   

Can your keen eyes fathom why the waitress snapping the photo said that one was not so good?

Recent estimates are that 7-11% of published research is 'open access', a term used to distinguish content that is open to other researchers and the public (free of charge to read) from research available only to subscribers of journals (called 'toll access' by open access advocates) and readers in libraries.