The Ghosts Of The First Neolithic People In A Paleo World

If you lived in Hilazon Tachtit, near  the Hilazon river of Israel 12,000 years ago, you might...

Anubis And The 8 Million Mummy Army

Underneath the ancient royal buried ground of Saqqara in the Egyptian desert lies something even...

Talking While Female: 6 Things About The Perception Of Women's Voices

You may not have realized it, but women's voices are a big topic. For women, at least. I suppose...

Preventing Murder: 3 Ways To Predict Who Will Become A Killer

Right now, the police can't do much to help you until after a crime has been committed. In a science...

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Know why BetaMax didn't beat out VCRs even though it was better in every way?   The same reason more people have PCs than Apples.   Strangling the technology with one provider keeps the market small and when a flexible alternative comes out, people flock to it.
Hershey Teams Up With ADA - the American Dietetic Association - says the press release.   The Hershey Center for Health&Nutrition® sponsoring an advocacy group devoted to dietary health workers?  Sure, why not?  Hershey's says they want to make us all healthier...
by working with industry sponsors to include registered dietitians in the development of policies and products; sharing science-based information and new research with ADA members; and enabling ADA to reach millions of consumers with healthy-eating messages.
In Symbol Stacks And Science Communication In The Scienceblogs Pepsigate Scandal I mentioned something that was unpopular with the bloggerati in science but obvious to those of us outside the relatively small confines of the science blogging clique; Pepsi was not the problem, it was simply the tipping point.   Institutional blogs were not really any better for science believability and that had been a minor focus starting in 2008 but became a real trend there in 2010.  I wrote:
It was bound to happen.  Something which should be used for good can also be used for malice.   Allison Aubrey, writing on NPR, discusses the results of an undercover investigation by the GAO which says patients are getting blatantly ridiculous advice.

One guys says he can repair DNA damage.  One says their supplements can cure all kinds of diseases.  Sheesh.
The Iceland Post Office has given the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano its own stamp.  Acccording to the World Stamp News, the dating site where ugly people need not apply, has launched a virtual sperm (and egg) bank for people who want to have beautiful babies.   Really.

 They call it the Beautiful Baby service and they have also made it available to non-members  because, let's face it, the only way for more beautiful babies to be created is to have pretty men impregnate ugly women too, so take one for the team, fellow awesome men who are both smart and hot.