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I'm the President of the American Council on Science and Health and founded Science 2.0® in 2006.

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It may surprise you to learn this but Nature (the magazine, not the bitch) is not a fan of yours.  Or ours.  Or anyone not part of their multi-billion dollar publishing conglomerate.
The 1950s were a golden age in America economically - a huge chunk of the middle class had a car and a house and a good life with only one parent working; a pipe dream in today's economy, but income taxes were only on the rich and government was not promising to do everything and taxing people to do it.

But the 1950s were also a paradox; racism was still acceptable to many and so were other forms of discrimination, like against working women.
I had a question posed to me last week; 'what was the first science experiment?'
What if a study were produced that said there was something fundamental about how women react to men and it was discussed by the head of a medical body and its official publication?   If you are the head of that medical body and the official publication and you discuss it, should you be forced to step down?

Mobile Make Out is is an iPhone app that claims to make it possible to make out with someone you are not supposed to be making out with and totally not be called unfaithful by your wife or girlfriend.   Why didn't the iPhone exist when Bill Clinton was president?  He could have saved us a whole impeachment trial.    It will completely redefine what the definition of 'is' is.

I like to think I once led an eclectic, interesting life.  I have bribed police in the mid-East, outrun the Bulgarian mafia while driving to get my picture taken with Albanian rebels in Macedonia and searched for the spark true conviction in ancient monasteries.   I have generally thought there should be some type of D&D game about my life, or at least a TV movie of the week.

But I am not complete.  For example, I have never owned a nightclub, been on any Vanity Fair 'fabulous' list, had a Haitian drug gang put out a hit on me or...died of a drug overdose.   Drugs are nasty business, I am told, right  after being told how awesome they are, and always by the same people.