Delaying Keystone XL Indefinitely Sets A Bad Precedent For Scientization Of Politics

A decade ago, science academic was worked into a holy war by the belief that President Bush hated...

Natural Schmatural, We Want To Know What Our Food Doesn't Have In It

Sid Salter, director of public affairs at Mississippi State University, writes in the Jackson Clarion...

This Earth Day, Thank A Chemist

Earth Day is fast approaching and, let's face it, if you celebrate Earth Day you probably hate...

After The Blood Moon: Do Some Post-Apocalypse Science

Since the Blood Moon - whatever that is, it sounds Biblical - was last night, and it spells the...

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A wise man once said Darwin had the greatest idea anyone ever had. Others may prefer Newton or Archimedes... Read More »


Do guys like Bernie Madoff do what they do because of greed ... or ego?    A Florida State professor says it's the latter.    It makes some sense because it takes a certain drive to become CEO of a large company and that takes a certain self-confidence.  

But is it more than just determination and grit and confidence?   Narcissism is the claim Wayne Hochwarter, the Jim Moran Professor of Management in the Florida State University College of Business, is trying to make.

As you might imagine, I get a lot of press releases.  As I have said here before, I like getting them because it's difficult for me to know all the good things happening out there, especially if an organization lacks the budget to hire an expensive PR firm.  A little proactive work helps get your message out.
There's this little company you may have heard of called GE.   Yeah, it's the one Edison started and I don't know where you come down in the whole Westinghouse/Edison fight but one of those guys screwed Tesla and one did not, so I am inclined to like Westinghouse more than Edison even though GE stock obviously did much better.

Hey, I can stick with my principles and still make some money.

But GE has earned my respect, not because of Jack Welch (though he earned my respect, mostly by making the stock a gold mine and despite being a part of that annoying Six Sigma crap that has been foisted off on MBAs since the 1990s) but because they made smart grids seem kind of cool.

What are smart grids?
Tangential Science: it's not necessarily science, but it's still funny.
Tangential Science: it's not necessarily science, but it's still funny.

1. In an overhyped analysis certain to make biologists want to reach for their pistols, it has been declared that women are evolving to be more beautiful:

"Evolution has led to women, but not men, getting progressively beautiful, according to scientists" it reads.
You may have heard the fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs.  In the original story (1), they leave home to find their fortune but the first one builds his new place out of straw and the Big Bad Wolf blows it down and eats him.

By the time he got to the third little pig, who built his house of brick, the wolf got his comeuppance, but it still wasn't a great result for the progessive, environmentally-conscious first one.

Researchers at the University of Bath say straw in housing has gotten a bad rap and to prove it they are making a "BaleHaus" of prefabricated straw and hemp 'cladding' panels.

Have we learned nothing?