After The Blood Moon: Do Some Post-Apocalypse Science

Since the Blood Moon - whatever that is, it sounds Biblical - was last night, and it spells the...

When It Comes To Food, Do You Trust Science Or A Yogic Flying Instructor?

Professional forester and writer Norm Benson recently got a healthy dose of anti-science environmentalism...

Viagra Linked To Risk Of Malignant Melanoma

A recent paper found an increased risk for malignant melanoma in men who took sildenafil (Viagra)...

With Ernie Moniz, We Finally Have An Energy Secretary

I was cautiously optimistic when Dr. Ernie Moniz was tapped as Energy Secretary, for two reasons...

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In the 1980s, Michael Milken went to jail for selling "junk bonds", which were risky debt.  His crime?  Offering to absorb all of the losses if he could have half the profits.   Some of the bonds he sold yielded 18%.   Like I said, risky.   He made a lofty set of claims, vague threats and some questionable promises to get people to buy them.

California state Treasurer Bill Lockyer is also selling junk bonds and using vague threats and questionable promises, but these ones only yield 6%.   Chances of him going to jail?   Not high, because he's exempt unless he engages in dog fighting or runs over a kid in the parking lot.   
I'm assuming most of you here have not followed the ongoing board war between ex-Scienceblogs and current Discover bloggers Chris Mooney/Sheril Kirshenbaum and current Sciencblogs tour de force PZ Myers.

To save you all that time it would take to read it, I encapsulated the first two salvos in Chris Mooney Versus P.Z. Myers And The State Of "Unscientific America" but now I'll just include my thoughts on the latest installments.  I got no dog in this fight but it's the kind of train wreck I can't look away from.
Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum, who blog at Discover, have a new book out called Unscientific America.   We got a copy here but I asked them to send it to Dr.
I've never been a shark guy, I will confess that to you.   Actually, I have never been an animal guy of any kind.   When I was a wee scientist / media guru / journalist / game show host, Disney had a program on Sunday evenings.  If there was one of those live animal shows on, I left the room.   I wanted a cartoon with a talking dog or a mouse or something.   Animals were what we ate, not what we laughed at.

Tangential Science: it's not necessarily science, but it's still funny.

1.  Dave Deamer wanted to know if we think there is a genetic basis for nerdiness?   Egads, what if it were so?  Worse, what if a nerd marries another nerd and has a baby nerd in some big Lamarckian lovefest of evolution?

Tangential Science: it's not necessarily science, but it's still funny.

1. The Japanese have responded to the persistent outrage of Greenpeace over their whaling efforts by seeking to enrage the anti-GMO contingent as well.   Up next; a new line of 'super tuna' that will be possible thanks to the awesome power of genome sequencing.

Super tuna?   That's the best they could do for a name?  It makes Aquaman sound positively masculine.  'Super' and 'tuna' just don't go together.  This is why there are no cool Japanese superheroes.