After The Blood Moon: Do Some Post-Apocalypse Science

Since the Blood Moon - whatever that is, it sounds Biblical - was last night, and it spells the...

When It Comes To Food, Do You Trust Science Or A Yogic Flying Instructor?

Professional forester and writer Norm Benson recently got a healthy dose of anti-science environmentalism...

Viagra Linked To Risk Of Malignant Melanoma

A recent paper found an increased risk for malignant melanoma in men who took sildenafil (Viagra)...

With Ernie Moniz, We Finally Have An Energy Secretary

I was cautiously optimistic when Dr. Ernie Moniz was tapped as Energy Secretary, for two reasons...

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I'm the founder of Science 2.0® and co-author of "Science Left Behind".

A wise man once said Darwin had the greatest idea anyone ever had. Others may prefer Newton or Archimedes... Read More »

I'm in New York City for a variety of meetings and, of course, I brought along Bloggy, the Scientific Blogging mascot.   I know how popularity works.  People don't concern themselves much with what I write but Bloggy is popular.  Heck, there is fan fiction written about him.

He's a pretty easy travelling companion, he mostly just sits in my bag but at key moments I avail myself of his wisdom.

I took a few pictures of him in our various adventures and am posting them up here.   Off on a trip of your own?  Need a mascot to accompany you and criticize your every decision?   We'll ship him out.  Just be sure to take a swanky picture.
Jan Hendrik Schön, if you have heard the name, will either fascinate or enrage you.   His ability to progress from ridiculous fibs to world-class deception as a 31-year-old physicist working at Bell Labs in New Jersey is certainly impressive.

How did fellow scientists let him get away with possibly the worst case of physics research fraud known?  It deserves a whole book, and Eugenie Samuel Reich is here to help.   If you can't sit through a whole book like Plastic Fantastic (out next week), her short version is in Physics World.
I never get tired of talking about the problems with both deficit thinking and framing - and misguided people never get tired of doing both regardless.

If you like blue jeans, well, I think you're really a lazy dresser, but you are at least not alone historically.   Since the Middle Ages, blue has also been the color worn by nobility.

Worried about how to protect yourself from swine flu (oops, Influenza A H1N1 - stop persecuting pigs!) ? Wondering what you can do to prevent spreading swine flu?  Need an up-to-the-moment break out of where the latest outbreaks have occurred, just in case deaths from swine flu exceed 1/1,000th the deaths of regular flu or 1/10,000th the deaths of malaria?

If only an internet company would capitalize on this hysteria to generate traffic!

Oh wait, here's one.   Internet News Distribution Channel "Feedzilla", which updates news and information around the clock, says they can help you get the latest info while the pandemic panic lasts - namely until the next kid gets kidnapped or Nancy Grace convicts someone of murder on her TV show.  

As long-time readers know, we like to celebrate various holidays and events by making subtle changes to the site.    Sure, sometimes it involve ninjas taking over and writing our science but mostly it is more like sneaking in a logo and seeing who notices.

That doesn't mean all of them get used.    Our first logo, for example, was just something thrown together as a mockup so we knew where it would have to go.   It looked like something a programmer/me would put together:

Then we had a few revisions, by someone who knows what they are doing, and arrived at the one that eventually remained on the home page for some 18 months: