I Don't Use The Term 'Miracle' Very Often, But...

This isn't the Dr. Oz show or some nutrition site selling Vitamin D supplements or whatever the...

New York Bans Fracking, Prepares To Buy More Energy From Fracking

What do wealthy progressives in New York and California share in common? Both groups are happy...

Congress Adopts A Common-Sense Approach To The California Drought

As I wrote in California Government Is The Big Water Management Problem, we can't make it...

The Cost Of Vermont GMO Labeling Law - Millions To Consumers

Vermont's somewhat odd GMO warning label law, which made sure to exempt anything that would impact...

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I'm the founder of Science 2.0®.

A wise man once said Darwin had the greatest idea anyone ever had. Others may prefer Newton or Archimedes. Probably no one ever said the WWW or Science... Read More »

I am something of a historical repository for my family.   So I have some cool stuff from way back, like a photograph of my great-great-great grandfather, and then also more recent items, like one of my mother's 'ration' books (coupons still attached!) from World War 2 and a wax record my grandfather made for her at a USO(1) before he left to occupy Japan at the war's conclusion.
Think science is a close community?  Indeed it is, but video game aficionados are not as shallow as they are portrayed either.

Relic Entertainment developer Brian Wood, aged 33, was driving his Subaru Outback with his pregnant wife in the passenger seat when a Chevy Blazer veered into their lane.   At the last moment before impact, Wood hit the brakes and turned to place himself in the path of the SUV and shield his wife.  The other driver is alleged to have been under the influence of drugs, two passengers in the back seat of her Blazer were killed ... and so was Wood.

Police told her if he had not turned the vehicle they would all be dead.
A number of important things have happened since 1963.   In September, 1965, for example, Bob Dylan heralded in the modern rock album with "Highway 61 Revisited"(1) and my mother was so excited about a Sandy Koufax no-hitter for the Dodgers she went into labor(2) and gave birth to me.
I occasionally get questions about usage of Science 2.0 that go beyond the FAQ so I decided I would write up a short article on using the site for non-beginners.   The FAQ covers the basics - what Science 2.0® is, the experimental nature of this open writing site for science, etc. along with the basic functionality, like the dashboard - but due to the way the site has grown some other features may not be evident for newer members.

How to find good stuff to write about?
There was a time a few years ago when the music industry was in the doldrums.   They blamed MP3 piracy, though it made no sense unless you were the kind of person who believes 'jobs saved or created' is also a valid metric for beneficial impact of government stimulus plans - basically, claiming that every pirated piece of music was a lost sale was unrealistically hopeful.   Most pirates may download something, but they weren't going to buy it anyway.

Yet capitalism began to reshape the music industry even when they couldn't figure out how themselves.  iTunes made it elegant for people to buy songs, and so they did, and now capitalism is at work in the music itself.    
It's been a mantra that more money has to be spent on outreach for women in academia, or even quotas implemented.  Why?   Women PhDs are now the majority, at least in the US.   This was an obvious trend since there were more underclass and graduate program females (60%).

But like any sort of cultural agenda, it is perpetual, so now it will be the case that not enough department heads are female.  This was the same in the NBA, where after it became 70% black there were no calls to recruit more whites or latinos, but rather calls to have 70% of the coaches be black.