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Scientific Blogging fave Greg Critser has a new book out, Eternity Soup: Inside The Quest To End Aging(available at fine retailers everywhere, or at that link if you want us to make a nickel) and in celebration he has put together a short quiz to find out what you know.
Let's be honest, both poles of the American political spectrum fear the same thing about each other; that if the other gets control a lot of oppressive weird stuff will happen.

If right-wing people get control, the presidency will carry a 'sponsored by Exxon" sign and 'gay' will be outlawed.  Not gay marriage - gay.   If left wing people get control, there will be mandatory gay porn in church and jackbooted enviro-fascists will kick down your doors if you don't compost your orange rinds.
Former failed CEO and current political candidate Carly Fiorina has campaign staff who don't mind thinking outside the box a little.

How far outside?   Portraying your opponent as a demonic animal with red glowing eyes and your constituents as sheep is pretty far out.

carly fiorina
Carly Fiorina.  And here I thought only the way she ran a  public company was insane.   

There's not much I can add to this, other than to be proud I witnessed a video event that media and journalism students decades from now will watch and study; sort of like that video of the Hindenburg bursting into flame, except Carly Fiorina's career flameout is a lot funnier.
Well, he did it again.  

The first thing you will be asking me is how Bloggy is off on another adventure with yet another blonde while I am stuck writing about it on the Internet.  It is a mystery of science.

Yet the little Lothario is off indeed, this time at ScienceOnline 2010 with our favorite Science Cheerleader, Darlene Cavalier.   
'Invisibility' has long been a staple of science fiction.  The ability to go unseen has benefits, mostly involving mischief, but there are some ways where being invisible need not involve the optical realm - it could involve the physical.   In a poor country like Haiti, where it would be impossible to retrofit all of the buildings to withstand an earthquake, it may soon be possible to make earthquakes simply pass them by.  
The annual AAAS conference is being held next month in San Diego and I went last year (here and here and here) , despite it being a Chicago February, but most of you did not, thus the reason for the title.