Coral Worth $10 Trillion In Pretend Money

A pilot Earth Index commissioned by BBC Earth using data from the United Nations Environment Programme...

Mother Jones Hates Scientists - And Their Bias Shows

In an effort to keep the pressure on scientists who accept the overwhelming consensus on genetically...

American Council On Science And Health Embraces Transparency: Will Others Follow?

If you get money from a corporation, are you for sale?It’s obviously a silly question, since...

How 40 Percent Of People Function In The Morning Remains A Mystery

A new survey finds that how 40 percent of people function is a scientific mystery - because only...

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I'm the founder of Science 2.0® in 2006 and, since July of 2015, the President of the American Council on Science and Health.

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People sometimes ask me how I have access to so much great stuff.   Well, I am somewhat plugged in to other people who find good stuff, like Andrea Kuszewski and Guy Kawasaki on Twitter for things I might otherwise never notice, but for science I have always used
Two weeks ago we posted a story on Gliese 581g - a planet that was discovered and said to be in the habitable zone of a star.   Our comment was that reduced chi-squared statistics may mean that, if there was an error, it would not even exist.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall and, with it, Soviet communism, one of the great joys for this former US Army Signal Corps officer was getting to talk with a former East German officer who came to work for our company a few years later.
Astronomers are certainly not strangers to manipulating public relations through mass media - they write reasonable papers and then encourage the press to go nuts with it.   Witness the recent arXiv paper by Vogt, Butler, et al on Gliese 581g, should it even exist, which reads
An article at by Amanda Hess is about HIV-positive black gay men.  Okay, so far so good.   But it had an important typo, namely a key letter left out of a word, and the correction at the top now reads:

one in three black men who have sex with me is HIV positive

If you can't read it ...
This article has basically nothing to do with baseball or Barry Zito's curveball so you can stop reading if that is your interest - or check out  

The Science Of Baseball: What Is The Fastest A Pitcher Can Throw?

The Science Of Baseball: What Is The Farthest Home Run (And Did Mickey Mantle Hit It)?

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