Thanksgiving Science 2015

In the mood for some science on Thanksgiving? Me too, science is the one thing that has not...

Poll Averaging Was No More Accurate In 2012 Than It Is Now

In 2012, the enthusiasm for poll averaging reached a fever pitch. Very few people were critical...

Fossil Fuel Divestment: An Intellectual Placebo For The Wealthy College Near You

“Here’s my bet: the kids are going to win and when they do, it’s going to matter,” prophesized...

Would Shoppers Be Happy If They Know Organic Trade Groups Use Member Fees For Hate Speech?

Organic food has managed to wrap itself in both a health and ethical halo and a lot of the credit...

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I'm the founder of Science 2.0® in 2006 and, since July of 2015, the President of the American Council on Science and Health.

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It isn't the first photograph of humans but two men near the river's edge in a photo of Cincinnati taken in 1848 is kind of a big deal among photography historians.
In the 1980s, computer generated characters were the rage so people were always looking for a way to use them in films, regardless of whether or not it helped or hurt the story.   So it goes with 3-D in movies today.

For those who don't wear glasses, it is an annoyance and for people who do wear glasses, it is twice the annoyance, but everyone is making 3-D movies because...everyone else is making 3-D movies.
It's playoff time in baseball and the Giants have home field advantage over the Texas Rangers starting tomorrow, October 27th.

Baseball, more so than any other sport, lends itself to numerical analysis because virtually everything except defense is rigorously quantifiable.   There are some details, such as an umpire who might call a wider strike zone than another, but at least from a rules perspective the strike zone is what it is. 
Statistically, whichever of these you are not will be funny.   The one you are, not so much.

You may not know the name Hammer Films, but if you have watched movies at all you have probably heard of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.    In 1957 they appeared in a British 'horror' movie called THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and it put both of them, and the studio, on the cultural map.
If you're like me, not only do you want to be buried, you want to be buried with your treasure in a vast underground labyrinth dug from the stone, behind a series of traps and secret doors, and your treasure will be in the very last room with my undead Lich guarding it.

Want your inheritance, descendants?  Bring a sword.


But other people have long been more environmentally responsible and made the 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust' route a little more direct than a decomposing coffin much less a concrete, subterranean bunker.   They get cremated.