Delaying Keystone XL Indefinitely Sets A Bad Precedent For Scientization Of Politics

A decade ago, science academic was worked into a holy war by the belief that President Bush hated...

Natural Schmatural, We Want To Know What Our Food Doesn't Have In It

Sid Salter, director of public affairs at Mississippi State University, writes in the Jackson Clarion...

This Earth Day, Thank A Chemist

Earth Day is fast approaching and, let's face it, if you celebrate Earth Day you probably hate...

After The Blood Moon: Do Some Post-Apocalypse Science

Since the Blood Moon - whatever that is, it sounds Biblical - was last night, and it spells the...

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If you like blue jeans, well, I think you're really a lazy dresser, but you are at least not alone historically.   Since the Middle Ages, blue has also been the color worn by nobility.

Worried about how to protect yourself from swine flu (oops, Influenza A H1N1 - stop persecuting pigs!) ? Wondering what you can do to prevent spreading swine flu?  Need an up-to-the-moment break out of where the latest outbreaks have occurred, just in case deaths from swine flu exceed 1/1,000th the deaths of regular flu or 1/10,000th the deaths of malaria?

If only an internet company would capitalize on this hysteria to generate traffic!

Oh wait, here's one.   Internet News Distribution Channel "Feedzilla", which updates news and information around the clock, says they can help you get the latest info while the pandemic panic lasts - namely until the next kid gets kidnapped or Nancy Grace convicts someone of murder on her TV show.  

As long-time readers know, we like to celebrate various holidays and events by making subtle changes to the site.    Sure, sometimes it involve ninjas taking over and writing our science but mostly it is more like sneaking in a logo and seeing who notices.

That doesn't mean all of them get used.    Our first logo, for example, was just something thrown together as a mockup so we knew where it would have to go.   It looked like something a programmer/me would put together:

Then we had a few revisions, by someone who knows what they are doing, and arrived at the one that eventually remained on the home page for some 18 months:

Houston, Texas, hometown of both Roger Clemens and Walter Cronkite (and, errr, David Khoresh if we're being comprehensive) is a bellweather city for the US, says a researcher who happens to live in Houston - in that it is now more Democrats than Republicans and minorities are the majority.    According to the data, if this trend continues and it's really indicative of a nationwide trend as claimed, Houston (and therefore all of America) could be hispanic gay men by 2030.
When I was a kid, 'toxic' assets were not assets at all; they were called 'liabilities.'    That's why asset and liability columns exist on these things called 'spreadsheets.'   But I am neither a politician nor a banker so I have poor grasp of things I know nothing about.  Much like this Timothy Geithner guy.

But apparently toxic assets do exist because banks around the world are being dragged down by them.   Who would have thought that mortgage-backed securities based on a housing bubble fueled by people who couldn't afford their homes would ever be a problem?   Well, me, but I was told I hated poor people and minorities for daring to ask.
Social media is a funny creature.   Try explaining it to someone in a third world country.  Heck, try explaining it to someone who lives next door and isn't on a social media site.