Ahhhh, Valentine's Day. Bad food, shoddy restaurant service - and you have no choice about it. The Soviet Union had toilet paper lines but they didn't force Valentine's Day on its people. Really, anyone who is unsure what mandates accomplish only needs to look at ethanol for a modern comparison of why things suffer when you force a solution on people.

But all is not lost. There's science in love, you know, and that means there's science in Valentine's Day. Science on Valentine's Day is like cold fusion instead of ethanol. Completely wonderful. And we have it all right here.

Not sure who to date? Garth Sundem answers it in The Valentine's Day Man-O-Meter. Be sure to take it as gospel because he never just makes stuff up.

If you're still unsure who to pursue, you may be looking in the wrong places. This study says We Want To Date People Slightly More Attractive Than We Are. How, then, does anyone get a date? It's another mystery of love.

Susan Kuchinskas examines the neurochemistry of love in Love And Mom's Spaghetti Sauce - you tend to prefer what you grew up with. This is why I send back gravy that has no lumps.

To some people, it's not just about romance, it's also about chocolate and gifts. If you're the chocolate type, Science Mom provides the Top Ten Scientific Reasons why Chocolate is the World’s Most Perfect Food. Really, some of those reasons should count twice.

The neurochemistry behind romance lays out the chemical and part of the psychological issues involved in that love stuff. My advice? Keep an "Enigma" CD handy just in case.

If you're the stargazing kind, check out Stellar Occultation: Stargazing That's More Than Just Romance. If you're more biologically inclined, you know that To Cycads, Romance Is Hot And Smelly.

I wouldn't spend a lot of time talking to your date about the neurochemistry of kissing, but who I am to judge? You may get away with it if she is the strong, assertive type because feminists are more romantic.

But even if she's not the type to put up with your garbage, you may still be okay because Even Female Chimps Love The Bad Boys.

If you're a man, and sick of losing to the bad boys, take heart; here are the Top 10 Reasons Relationships With Robots Will Be Better For Men.

Even if you can't find your soulmate this Valentine's Day, there's always junk food. This study says we have Another Reason To Love Big Macs - They Stabilize Gold Nanoparticles.

Just don't take her to McDonald's and say it's a science experiment. I can tell you how that one will turn out.